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Committee Goals

60+ Advisory Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Partnering with Samaritan Health Services and Department of Public Health to promote electronic health inquiry and provide information to patients about local evidenced based programs. 2-5 Years Completed 2022-23: Partnering with Samaritan Health Services, National Recreation and Parks Assoc, Oregon Recreation and Parks Assoc, and OSU Extension Services to promote electronic health inquiry and provide information to patients about local evidenced based programs. E1 E4 
323 Identify other Parks and Recreation Departments to partner with in the State of Oregon to offer evidenced based programs. Completed
5 Seek out opportunities to increase diversity, equity and inclusion for the 60+ community Ongoing In Process F5 
328 Create collateral material in both English and Spanish. Completed
327 Develop a strategy to identify bilingual/multicultural volunteers. In Process
329 Identify outreach strategies to underserved community members, including low income families, the homeless and indigenous tribes. In Process
25 Form a workgroup to focus on 60+ Activity Center policies and procedures. Ongoing In Process 2022-23: Existing procedures reviewed and retyped in new format.
336 Create a manual specifically for 60+ Activity Center policies and procedures. In Process
334 Review all current 60+ Activity Center policies and procedures. Completed
335 Update and replace current 60+ Activity Center policies and procedures as necessary. In Process
26 Encourage all members of the 60+ Advisory Committee to become members of the Association Ongoing Completed
447 On a quarterly basis, encourage members to join the association at the Committee meetings (January, April, July and October 2022).Committee members should try to report on their involvement. Completed
27 Improve community engagement to users of the facility Ongoing In Process F10 
472 Develop and execute innovative strategies to bring new and former community members and volunteers to the 60+ Activity Center In Process
Airport (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Continue Airport Improvements Ongoing In Process C4 
99 Begin discussions with the Oregon National Guard regarding the relocation of its Newport facility to the airport. Not Started
97 Determine the cost of building hangars, and develop a fact sheet with cost estimates by identifying what the city can do to assist hangar builders. Not Started
93 Create a list of objectives that would reduce the overhead cost for air service Not Started
98 Identify locations for future parking lots Not Started
300 Complete the Small Community Air Service Development Program application In Process
301 Assist the Community Development Department in outreach to properties adjacent to the airport for discussions on sewer services Not Started
302 Develop a map that identifies future sites for fire hydrants and illustrates 8-inch waterlines on the airport property to encourage industrial development at the airport In Process
303 Research locations for additional signage at the airport In Process
2 Increase Use of Renewable Energy Ongoing In Process 2020-21: Started looking into this in 2015. At the time the FAA was not allowing solar farms at airfields because of glare. City was not successful for solar feasibility study. A1 C4 
100 Research the possibility of a solar farm located at the airport. In Process
Audit Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Continue issuance of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) for the fiscal year audits Ongoing In Process 2021-22: Continue per the Audit Committee
119 Continue issuance of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) for the fiscal year audits In Process
2 Develop and document internal controls with continuous review Ongoing In Process 2021-22: Continue updating documents.
286 Review and approve internal controls - annually. In Process
3 Develop a Purchasing System Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: Audit Committee is not supposed to develop Purchase Systems.2022-23: Audit Committee is not supposed to develop Purchase Systems.    
4 Room Tax Auditing Program Ongoing In Process 2021-22: Possibly move to State Room Tax program.
122 Investigate and possibly engage via an Intergovernmental Agreement with State of Oregon to administer the Room Tax program, includes filing enforcement, collections, and auditing. In Process
5 Develop Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: Develop when possible.
123 Develop a Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) Not Started
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
31 Provide input to City Council on active transportation challenges and opportunities Ongoing In Process 2021-22: This goal supports Newport Municipal Code 2.05.055(E)(3): "Act as a resource to the City Council to provide . . . information related to . . . [active] transportation." A3 A10 A11 A12 A15 A16 A17 
203 Submit memo to City Council regarding infrastructure wish list Not Started
204 Inform City Council regarding active transportation community concerns Not Started
234 Annual or bi-annual report to City Council regarding BPAC progress In Process
337 Continue process of providing BPAC agendas to the City Council in a timely manner (staff). Not Started
339 Continue process of BPAC-City Council Liaison reporting BPAC progress to the City Council in a timely manner. Not Started
Budget Committee (2022-23)
No records to display
City Council (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Invest in upgrades to the City's water distribution and storage tank systems. Ongoing In Process A1 
40 Update the Water Master Plan ENG In Process
518 Secure grant funding through FEMA for the replacement of the City's two main water storage tanks with two new seismically sound water tanks. ENG In Process
519 Secure grant funding through FEMA for the replacement of the 54th Street pump station. ENG In Process
2 Improve maintenance activities of the City street system Ongoing Not Started A1 A11 
355 Evaluate the use of The Dude Solutions to develop a reporting system to proactively identify and repair potholes in city streets. PWK Not Started
3 Prepare the North Side Transportation Plan in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation Ongoing In Process A5 A10 A11 
45 Develop a strategic plan for the revitalization of the City's central business district. CDD In Process
46 Identify in the planning process a gathering spot as part of the City Center revitalized strategies CDD In Process
4 Increase supplies of affordable and workforce housing, including rentals for the community Ongoing In Process A2 A14 
50 Develop bilingual educational materials to promote and encourage homeowners to consider building accessory dwellings on their principal homestead properties as allowed by law. CDD In Process
5 Complete pedestrian safety amenities throughout the community Ongoing In Process A11 
357 Complete design for a pedestrian walkway on US 101 from 25th Street to 36th Street utilizing URA funding for the project. ENG In Process
51 Conduct feasibility and develop preliminary costs for infilling sidewalk from Don Davis Park to Government Street along Elizabeth Street. ENG Completed
358 Work with ODOT to plan a pedestrian crosswalk at Highway 20 and Eads Street. ENG In Process
520 Initiate planning with ODOT for the bike and pedestrian improvements from NE 36th Street to NE 60th Street. ENG Not Started
521 Move forward with design, permitting, and if permitted, construction of a pedestrian-activated, signaled crosswalk at US 101 and NE 60th Streets. ENG In Process
7 Acquire property in the Big Creek Reservoir watershed Ongoing Not Started A1 
526 Develop a watershed management plan that identifies property acquisition needs. CDD Not Started
8 Invest in upgrades to the City's sanitary sewer collection system Ongoing Not Started A1 B1 
361 Proceed with Phase 1 of the North side pump station headworks. PWK Not Started
59 Replace the Minnie Street lift station. PWK Not Started
9 Invest in upgrades to the City's storm sewer collection system Ongoing In Process A1 B1 B4 
529 Fund the replacement of the storm sewer on Hatfield. ENG In Process
530 Fund the replacement of the storm sewer running under the fire hall and through Betty Wheeler Park. ENG Completed
10 Modernize and upgrade the waste water treatment plant. Ongoing Not Started A1 B1 
62 Fund and complete the Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan identifying replacement/upgrades necessary for effective treatment of wastewater and assure that heavy users of wastewater services are paying their fair share. PWK Not Started
11 Review and implement cost-effective priorities from the Parks and Recreation Master Plan for implementation. Ongoing In Process B3 B4 
363 Parks and Recreation will reactivate a foundation to provide a source of funding for parks equipment and scholarships. PAR Completed
531 Pursue negotiations with State Parks for a new soccer field. PAR Terminated
532 Provide funding for the construction of outdoor fields at Agate Beach Wayside. PAR Terminated
12 Evaluate the implementation of a dark sky lighting plan for the City Ongoing In Process B3 B5 
366 Determine the feasibility of utilizing the energy savings through the use of LED fixtures and more efficient placement of outdoor lighting to help expedite implementation of the dark sky street lighting system for the City. CMO In Process
533 Review model ordinances for the development of Dark Sky regulations for private outdoor lighting in the city. CMO Not Started
13 Develop a long-term climate action plan for the City of Newport Ongoing In Process B6 B7 B9 
70 Develop educational materials and meet with heavy industrial users of water to discuss the implementation of water conservation practices. CMO In Process
534 Further develop and implement sustainability information on measure the City can implement in our day-to-day operations to reduce environmental impacts. CMO In Process
15 Develop opportunities for buildable lands and utilization of existing structures for creating new businesses and jobs. Ongoing In Process C3 C4 
373 Develop a plan for the repurposing at the South Beach URA property. CDD Completed
74 Update the Citys commercial/industrial buildable lands inventory CDD Not Started
17 Provide sufficient funding to support public arts Ongoing Completed D3 
537 Provide an increase in the annual appropriation of funding to support the acquisition of public art for the city. CMO Completed
18 Replace the Big Creek Dam Ongoing In Process E5 
380 Conduct emergency preparedness planning regarding the dam failure. ENG In Process
381 Continue efforts at identifying funding for dam replacement. ENG In Process
378 Inform the Greater Newport Area of the critical need to replace the Big Creek Dams. ENG In Process
379 Proceed with preliminary design and permitting for the replacement dam for Big Creek. ENG In Process
538 Secure a grant agreement form the State of Oregon for the $14 million appropriation of lottery bonds. ENG Completed
20 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Task Force Ongoing In Process E7 
387 Explore the future installation of Portland loos in key locations throughout the community. CMO Not Started
388 Request that the organized faith-based community coordinate services offered by local churches and other faith-based groups. CMO In Process
390 Pursue efforts to create a more permanent overnight shelter. CMO In Process
392 Determine the impact of affordable housing on homelessness. CDD In Process
539 Determine the feasibility of developing a program to pay individuals experiencing houselessness for litter and trash clean-up. PAR Not Started
540 Participate in the Affordable Housing Partners meetings to discuss strategies on managing homelessness. CMO In Process
541 Identify areas where campsites would be permitted in the city with portable toilets and garbage disposal. CDD In Process
542 Partner with the Lincoln County Harm Reduction team and advocate for financial support on health-related issues, including mental health, physical health, and drug and alcohol issues for individuals experiencing houselessness. CMO Completed
21 Evaluate Fire Service needs for the community Ongoing Not Started E6 
84 Evaluate the feasibility of consolidating the City Fire Department with the Rural Fire District NFD Not Started
85 Increase the number of active Fire Department volunteers NFD Not Started
23 Enhance coordination among social services, non-profits and local government to collaborate in all actions to guide creation of a healthier community. Ongoing In Process E4 
393 Participate in the Quarterly Community Health Improvement Plan meetings and/or the Health Integration Network meetings to discuss opportunities to collaborate with health organizations to create a healthier community. PAR In Process
24 Utilize the Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 strategies as a foundational document for ongoing public processes, planning and decision making. Ongoing In Process F2 
394 Develop a plan to sustain active coordination of the Greater Newport Vision beyond the funding provided by the Ford Family Foundation. CMO In Process
26 Increase involvement of younger generations in community issues Ongoing In Process F9 
90 Work collaboratively with the school district to establish a youth council. CMO In Process
546 Evaluate the possibility to add a position for youth on various City Advisory Committees. CMO Completed
27 Address long-term financial sustainability issues for the City of Newport. Ongoing In Process
399 Review the Five-Year Financial Sustainability Plan as part of the 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget Committee Meeting CMO Completed
553 Consider a grant writer position in the 2022-2023 budget. CMO In Process
67 Support business growth, development, and financial sustainability at the Airport. Ongoing In Process B8 C4 
375 Evaluate development of a solar farm on Airport property. ONP In Process
69 Foster an inclusive organization and community that embraces diversity in ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, self-identity, and perspectives consistent with our slogan "The Friendliest". Ongoing In Process F5 
396 The City commits conducting outreach for prospective candidates to diversity City staff as well as membership on City committees, boards, and panels to ensure that all community voices are represented in discussions in City policies. HR In Process
398 The City commits to develop and publicize a process to address complaints of bias or discrimination relating to the City of Newport. The City commits to develop a specific protocol, or set of protocols, to investigate and respond to grievances with the goal of eliminating systemic bias within our organization. CMO Completed
397 The City will support and seek out opportunities to collaborate with local partner organizations on cultural programming by collaborating on these programs during the fiscal year. CMO In Process
559 Provide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training to employees and volunteers. HR Completed
560 Collaboratively develop means for culturally competent and inclusive communications. HR In Process
75 Establish a trolley to move visitors, employees, and residents between Nye Beach, the Bayfront and Downtown 2-5 Years In Process A16 
524 Evaluate information that was compiled in the parking study and report findings to the City Council. CDD Completed
525 Meet with Lincoln County Transit, ODOT and others to determine feasibility costs of operating a trolley or shuttle. CMO Not Started
76 Make safety improvements on US 101 at NE 57 th Street and the movie theater driveway 5+ Years In Process A10 
527 Meet with ODOT to discuss safety improvements, including a truck lane, at this intersection ENG Completed
528 Seek funding for preliminary engineering to identify options for redesigning the intersection at US 101 and NE 58th Street. ENG In Process
77 Promote gray water diversion and home storage rainwater. Ongoing Not Started B1 
535 Review existing ordinances to determine current provisions that would need to be amended to promote gray water diversion and rainwater storage and use with a report coming back at a future work session. PWK Not Started
78 Implement conservation methods to reduce the use of water within the Greater Newport Area. 2-5 Years Completed B9 
536 Initiate a work group to review methods to reduce drinking water use by residents and businesses. CMO Completed
79 Re-establish the position of school resource officer Ongoing Not Started E6 
543 Explore funding this position in the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 NPD Not Started
80 Expand affordable and accessible childcare capacity in the Greater Newport Area. Ongoing In Process E9 
544 Coordinate a meeting to determine current efforts to expand childcare options for families in the Greater Newport Area. CMO Completed
545 Expand childcare services at the Recreation Center. PAR In Process
85 Promote the development of Neighborhood Associations Ongoing Not Started F4 
561 Consider funding to support staffing and financial support for neighborhood associations in the 2022-2023 budget. CDD Not Started
86 Implement purchasing procedures to reduce costs and improve accountability and transparency of these expenditures. Current FY In Process
562 Examine opportunities to consolidate purchases that are currently done on a department-by- department basis to reduce overall costs for those purchases. The City administration needs to be mindful that any new processes to centralized these activities have time and expenses in themselves. It will be important to determine the cost benefit of those specific actions. A report will be provided to the City Council by December 31, 2022 on these efforts. FIN In Process
87 Improve methods for revenue collection 2-5 Years In Process
563 Implement procedures to improve the collection of miscellaneous fees, fines and other revenues that help support various City services. FIN In Process
564 Implement a centralized process of monitoring leases and provisions within those leases, expiration of leases, and other activities that need to be done on a consolidated basis. CMO Completed
565 Develop a routine practice to regularly place liens on properties for unpaid property-related bills. FIN In Process
566 Evaluate new collection procedures with the goal reducing uncollectable accounts considering the costs and benefit of the procedures. FIN In Process
88 Continue to expand access to city services through the use of technology 5+ Years In Process
567 Take necessary steps to provide public access to specific components of the City's GIS system. ITD In Process
89 Build a strong and healthy work place culture within the City organization 2-5 Years In Process A2 F5 
568 Purchase or secure housing for use by new employees to the City of Newport. CMO Completed
569 Develop a policy providing use of the Recreation Center by City Council elected officials as is provided for City employees. CMO Terminated
City Council Stipend/Compensation Work Group (2022-23)
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Destination Newport Committee (2022-23)
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Housing Advisory Committee (2022-23)
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Library Board (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
6 Library Policy Development and Review Ongoing In Process 2022-23: The Library Advisory Committee has been reviewing 1-3 policies per meeting. We meet every other month for a total of 6 times a year. There are still more policies to review under an EDI lens. We expect to have reviewed all of the libraries policies in the next year. The Library Advisory Committee has been reviewing 1-3 policies per meeting. We meet every other month for a total of 6 times a year. There are still more policies to review under an EDI lens. We are making progress towards this goal and planning on having a board retreat to continue reviewing policies. 2023-24: The Library Advisory Committee has been reviewing 1-3 policies per meeting. We meet every other month for a total of 6 times a year. There are still more policies to review under an EDI lens. F1 F2 F3 F9 F10 F11 
422 Library Advisory Committee will review development of library policies and review existing library policies under an EDI lens. The board will continue to review 1-3 policies per meeting until all of the policies have been reviewed, and revised if necessary. In Process
Parking Advisory Committee (2022-23)
No records to display
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Monitor and support implementation of the Parks Master Plan Ongoing In Process B2 B3 B6 
250 Liaison(s) provide updates to committee and council once per year Completed
252 Work with city staff and parks foundation to identify funding sources for focus project(s) In Process
448 Follow up as necessary on FY 2021-2022 projects: South Beach Marina Non-motorized Boat Launch & Access Improvements, North Newport Neighborhood Park In Process
500 Follow up as necessary on FY 2020-2021 projects: Completion of the Ocean to Bay Trail In Process
501 Determine 1-3 "focus projects" for which the committee will undertake advocacy and identify funding avenues Not Started
502 Appropriate committee liaison(s) meet with city planner and parks director 1-2 times to review tracking spreadsheet to determine progress on PMP projects Completed
3 Work with City staff to revitalize the Parks and Recreation Foundation Ongoing In Process B3 
135 Work with City staff to identify processes for grant writing Not Started
134 Work with the Foundation to identify priority projects that need grant funding and match those with potential sources of grant funds Not Started
503 Partner with the Foundation to identify potential sources of funds, including charitable gifts, fundraising events, and grants In Process
4 Develop a diversity equity and inclusion plan for the committee Ongoing In Process 2022-23: Undertake diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to ensure that the committee is serving its diverse constituency F4 F5 
248 Provide feedback to City staff in development of the departmental DEI Plan Not Started
504 Diversify committee membership as seats open up on the committee In Process
505 Explore coordination with the Lincoln County Coastal Equity and Inclusion Committee on furthering DEI goals for the committee, possibly including DEI training. Not Started
506 Either via agenda items of the full committee or an ad hoc subcommittee, explore additional steps the committee might take, including potential trainings and review and evaluation of departmental policies and procedures. Not Started
7 Coordinate with other committees on items of mutual interest Ongoing In Process 2022-23: Coordinate with other committees and community entities on items of mutual interest B3 F7 
255 Meet once a year with the advisory committee of the Bicycle and Pedestrian on issues of joint concern Completed
507 Determine if similar coordination should be taking place with other city committees and develop plans for supporting their work via advocacy or other means. Possibilities include NEWTS, SOLV, CCSA, community garden advocates, the Lincoln County Coastal Equity and Inclusion Committee and others. In Process
508 Develop two to four committee agendas inviting representatives of priority groups identified above to meet and discuss items of mutual interest. Not Started
8 Upgrade the citys Tree City USA activities and ensure the committee is prepared in its role as the citys Tree Board. Ongoing In Process B6 
261 Apply for growth award when renewing the TCUSA designation this year. Completed
260 Review TCUSA Growth Award requirements six months before the application renewal is due to the Arbor Day Foundation (July). If additional activities are needed for growth award, develop and implement a plan to accomplish them. Not Started
259 Work with staff to hold an Arbor Day celebration and tree planting in the spring, within COVID guidelines and restrictions at the time. In Process
509 Support efforts to gain urban forestry expertise in the city to undertake critical projects such as conducting a tree inventory for the city and developing an urban forestry plan. Not Started
33 Explore ways the committee and the department can better support the citys 60+ community. Ongoing Not Started B3 E4 E10 F10 
510 Invite 60+ Center coordinator to join Parks & Recreation Committee meetings at least quarterly in order to ensure the committee and the department are meeting the needs of this segment of the community. Not Started
511 Working with the 60+ Center and board, solicit additional feedback from the 60+ community on how we can better serve their needs via a survey. Not Started
34 Review departments new business and plan and support its implementation Ongoing In Process B3 
512 Hold one meeting at which the committee is briefed on the new business plan Completed
513 Review recommendations in the plan related to reducing departmental reliance on the city’s general fund and, with staff and city council, propose a plan for moving ahead. Not Started
Planning Commission (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
3 Lay the groundwork for a set of regulations and incentives to pair with the Transportation System Plan update that will facilitate revitalization of the US 101 / 20 corridors, including the City Center area. 2-5 Years In Process 2020-21: Includes rework of zoning along the US 101/US 20 corridors to complement desired street improvements identified in the TSP. May include provisions to support additional density and mixed-use live work arrangements. Incentives to include development of an urban renewal funded building facade improvement program. Concept vetted with ODOT/DLCD staff, who indicated that project would be a good fit for TGM grant funding. Pre-app held in March but grant application was not filed due to pandemic related delays to the TSP update.2021-22: TGM grant application submitted 7/21, and City was informed that it received funding in 10/21. Scope of work is being developed with ODOT/DLCD TGM staff. Consultant to be under contract Feb/Mar 2022.2022-23: Consultant RFP prepared and issued. Process administered by ODOT. Responder proposals reviewed, scored, and preferred consultant team selected 11/30/22. Negotiating contract.2023-24: Consultants expected to be under contract by March of 2023, with business outreach and advisory committee work extending into early to mid part of FY 23/24. Outcomes from the revitalization plan should be known, if not fully adopted, by the end of the fiscal year. A3 A4 A5 A6 F4 
473 Conduct business outreach and market analysis. In Process
474 Recruit advisory committee. In Process
475 Develop an adoption ready set of plan/code amendments and a framework for a business facade improvement program. Not Started
5 Initiate updates to Newport commercial / industrial buildable lands inventory. 2-5 Years Not Started 2020-21: Work on this project has not started and will likely not be started until the City completes the Transportation System Plan update (committed) and housing needs and buildable lands update (state mandated). 2021-22: Work on this element will follow the housing needs assessment and production strategy work.2022-23: Work has not started. State grant funds likely to be available once housing work is complete. A1 A4 C3 
104 Initiate updates to Newport commercial / industrial buildable lands inventory. Not Started
6 Update off-street parking requirements in line with Parking Study or related recommendations adopted by the City Council. 2-5 Years In Process 2020-21: Funding for installing meters along the Bayfront was deferred for a year due to the pandemic. Meter implementation will be a significant part of the Committees initial work. Committee recruitment has been delayed pending resolution of the funding issue. City capacity to adequately staff the committee is also a factor. Most objectives to carry forward, with meter installation targeted for spring/summer 2022 if funded.2021-22: City is recruiting volunteers to fill out the Parking Advisory Committee that will assist with this work. Applications are due by 11/30/21. Council will conduct interviews, possibly as early as 12/6/21. Committee to start work in January.2022-23:  Advisory Committee has been recruited. RFP issued mid-November and closed January 12th. Committee reviewed five proposals and is scheduling interviews with the two finalists. New target for implementation is 6/1/23. Draft ordinance changes are being developed.2023-24: Implementation of a demand management solution along the Bayfront should be complete towards the end of FY 22/23. Conversation in FY 23/24 will turn to Nye Beach and parking permit and other "non-meter" options for managing parking in the neighborhood. A14 C1 C8 
105 Update off-street parking requirements in line with Parking Study or related recommendations adopted by the City Council. In Process
9 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Taskforce that rely upon revisions to City land use regulations. Ongoing In Process 2020-21: Adopted ordinance allowing car camping by homeless persons (Ord. #2170). 2021-22: Housing Needs and Buildable Lands Study, mandated by HB 2003, will inform the City of the type and nature of housing needs of homeless individuals. Portion of Affordable Housing CET Funds could be used for supportive grants to non-profit organizations providing homeless services. Commission could explore adoption of transitional housing standards.2022-23: City is updating its land use related camping regulations that apply to private property to provide additional options for RV and tent camping by homeless individuals. Commission recommended revisions at its 1/23/23 meeting. Additional work likely regarding land use processes for transitional housing and low barrier shelters. 2023-24: Anticipate need to further refine regulations to address outcomes from HB 4123 committee work and 2023 Oregon legislative session. A2 
108 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Taskforce that rely upon revisions to the City land use regulations. In Process
42 Implement Recommendations from US 101 Corridor Refinement Plan 2-5 Years In Process 2021-22: Final draft of the plan completed in 11/21. An initial draft of code revisions implementing the Committees recommendations will be presented to the Commission at a work session in January. Commission to provide Council with a recommendation to initiate the island annexation process. That could occur as early as 12/13/21.2022-23: Council adopted zone change and code audit recommendations with Ordinance #2196, 11-7-22. Work on urban renewal projects is ongoing. Island annexation to proceed in spring.2023-24: Continue to position remaining urban renewal projects so that funding can be committed by the end of 2025. Island annexation process to extend into FY 23/24. A3 A14 
266 Pursue annexation of unincorporated "island properties" to normalize the city limits, if found to be feasible. In Process
265 Revise commercial and industrial zoning as recommended by the code audit. Completed
43 Initiate any Needed Refinements to Historic Nye Beach Design Review Overlay Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: Placeholder for future project at the request of the Commission. Nye Neighbors were recognized by the City Council as a Neighborhood Association with Resolution No. 3928 on 8/2/21. The group is looking into funding options so that they can undertake a grassroots, neighborhood scale, visioning effort. Nothing has progressed to the point where there would be a need to update the citys land use regulations. 2022-23: No action taken. Targeted refinements to the Nye Beach Design Review Overlay to be coordinated with Nye Neighbors. A6 F4 
353 Examine the feasibility of a neighborhood visioning process for Nye Beach as part of a review of any needed updates to the Design Review Overlay. Not Started
268 Initiate refinements to the Historic Nye Beach Design Review Overlay, as needed. Not Started
44 Initiate Newport Housing Needs and Buildable Lands Update 2-5 Years In Process 2021-22: HB 2003 (2019) expanded the scope of the analysis, reframing the work as a housing capacity assessment with a separate housing production strategy requirement. DLCD is requiring that Newport initiate its update next fiscal year. Project expected to take 18 months, start to finish. Grant application submitted 6/21. Notice of grant award received 10/21. Grant agreement approved by Council and RFP to secure consulting services will close 12/3. Consultant likely to be under contract by the end of January.2022-23: Consultant selected, committee formed, and project is well underway. Draft HCA complete and adoption process initiated. Housing Production Strategy is being developed with Advisory Committee. A2 A7 A9 A14 F4 
271 Develop an RFP, select consultants through a competitive selection process, and initiate work on the project. Completed
476 Recruit advisory committee. Completed
477 Complete the plan in line with agreed upon scope of work and adopt recommended ordinance changes. In Process
45 Update the citys Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Standards for Private Development Current FY Not Started 2023-24: Preliminary concepts to be discussed FY 22/23, with active work in FY 23/24. Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan policy recommendations may tie into this work. B1 B5 
478 Identify stormwater management options that include boilerplate systems for small scale development projects. Not Started
479 Develop standards that can reasonably be implemented at existing staffing levels. Not Started
46 Support City Council Dark Sky Lighting Initiatives 2-5 Years Not Started 2023-24: Project to be initiated once City council puts in place plan for retrofitting street lights and lights at city facilities. B6 
481 Initiate project after City Council puts in place a plan for retrofitting street lights and lights at city facilities. Not Started
488 Develop outdoor lighting standards for new commercial and residential construction that conform to dark sky requirements. Not Started
489 Prepare informational materials to inform the public about the Citys requirements and where dark sky compliant fixtures can be purchased. Not Started
47 Update Commercial/Multi-Family Code to Include More Bike Racks and Covered Bike Storage Current FY Not Started A11 A15 
490 Identify best practices and provide Commission with options. Not Started
496 Coordinate changes with Parking Advisory Committee. Not Started
497 Prepare adoption ready set of amendments for Council consideration. Not Started
48 Identify Opportunities to Normalize City Limits 2-5 Years Not Started
499 Engage with ODOT to identify opportunities to annex US US 101 and US 20 rights-of-way in cases where the city limits border both sides of the road. Not Started
Police Advisory Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Enhance Community Relations Current FY In Process E6 
449 Complete, analyze, develop and recommend an action plan from the results of the 2021 Newport Community Police Survey. Completed
450 Hold a public meeting to solicit public input regarding police services, conduct and programs. In Process
451 Review the resident complaint process protocols, and provide recommendations to build trust, transparency and responsiveness. Completed
452 Staff a booth at community event such as County Fair and/or National Night Out. Completed
453 Create a Police Advisory Committee brochure. Completed
2 Committee Education Current FY In Process E6 
455 Promote public awareness of the Citys police services and programs, including, but not limited to business and residential crime prevention programs, safety, training and domestic violence intervention. In Process
457 Review Officer Orientation and yearly supplemental training. Completed
3 Analyze police response to Lincoln County Schools Current FY In Process E6 
458 Review police activity at LCSD schools. Completed
459 Review available resource and alternative to police response to schools. In Process
460 Review school district/police and community programming. In Process
4 Review Police response to mental health crisis Current FY In Process E4 E6 
461 Review police response to mental health crises in schools and in the community. In Process
Public Arts Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Continue Efforts Toward Making Newport an Arts and Cultural Destination Ongoing In Process A1 D12 
109 Work with the Destination Newport Committee to collaborate on promoting arts opportunities, in the City of Newport, through its marketing efforts. In Process
463 Work with local companies to determine their interest in collaborating on arts opportunities in the City of Newport. In Process
464 Work with the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce to collaborate on promoting arts opportunities in the City of Newport. In Process
465 Work with local artists and local art communities to engage them in this goal. In Process
2 Continue Expanding and Upgrading the Arts Footprint in Newport Ongoing In Process D12 
466 Revise art brochures for the city. Not Started
467 Review other communitys art footprint for idea generation. In Process
468 Work with the South Beach Urban Renewal District to create public art and wayfinding. In Process
469 Continue mural projects. In Process
470 Develop a maintenance policy, program, and schedule for public art. In Process
471 Pursue an international mural exchange program with Newports Sister City, Mombetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. Not Started
Retirement Trustees (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
7 Annual funding for Retirement fund Ongoing In Process 2021-22: Trustee has recommended that the City fund $396,143 for the 2021-22 Fiscal Year.2022-23: Trustee will mee the week of November 22, 2021 to determine the funding for this fiscal year. F1 
275 Retirement trustee has recommended sufficient funding in order to have the fund fully funded within 10 years. For the 2021-22 Fiscal Year $396,143 been recommended. In Process
Sister City Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Work on 55th Anniversary Exchanges Ongoing Not Started F7 F9 F10 
308 Create monthly meetings between Newport and Mombetsu staff. Not Started
307 Create more regular meetings between the Sister City Committee and Mombetsu International Committee. Not Started
306 Plan and prepare for adult and youth exchanges to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Sister City relationship with Mombetsu. Not Started
Urban Renewal Agency (2022-23)
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Vision 2040 Advisory Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Analyze and adjust for long-term Vision Advisory Committee Sustainability Ongoing In Process F1 F2 F3 F4 F6 F7 
310 Ensure all 6 Work Groups have a non-Program Coordinator Lead. Completed
313 Explore alternative funding or stakeholder partnerships for continuing Vision 2040 Staff support. In Process
311 Increase inclusive opportunities for feedback and participation of City Staff and current Vision Advisory Committee members in order to streamline current practices and identify unsustainable volunteer committee tasks. In Process
445 Complete Vision Advisory Committee Bylaw Development & Adoption Completed
446 Funding resources/staff in the Community whether public, private, nonprofit or a combination thereof to facilitate ongoing efforts of the Vision 2040 Advisory Committee In Process
2 Collaboratively develop culturally competent inclusive communication Ongoing In Process 2022-23: EDALC Community Connector has been engaging in a variety of culturally competent community engagement methods. E8 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 
315 Research and model successful culturally competent stakeholder community engagement methods, such as those identified in the Juntos en Colaboracion Needs Assessment In Process
3 Improve sustainability of Vision 2040 Committee Expectations and Projects Ongoing In Process F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 
318 Create and approve an annual Vision Advisory Committee implementation plan, including all the identified volunteer sustainable annual committee tasks and the annual expectations of voting Committee members. Completed
316 Work with The Ford Family Foundation network & Community Stakeholders to create & launch a standalone Vision 2040 Website. In Process
Water Supply Management and Conservation Workgroup (2022-23)
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