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Committee Goals

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
35 Monitor and support implementation of the Parks Master Plan Ongoing In Process B2 B3 B6 
608 Liaison(s) provide updates to committee and council once per year Completed
609 Work with city staff and parks foundation to identify funding sources for focus project(s) Not Started
610 Follow up as necessary on projects recommended in previous fiscal years: completion of Ocean to Bay Trail signage, South Beach Marina Non-Motorized Boat Launch & Access Improvements, North Newport Neighborhood Park In Process
611 Determine 1-3 "focus projects" for which the committee will undertake advocacy and identify funding avenues Completed
612 Appropriate committee liaison(s) meet with city planner and parks director 1-2 times to review tracking spreadsheet to determine progress on PMP projects Completed
36 Work with the Parks and Recreation Foundation to secure funding for priority projects Ongoing In Process B3 
613 Working with staff, identify priority projects for external funding make those recommendations to Foundation Not Started
614 Work with City staff to identify processes for grant writing Not Started
615 Partner with the Foundation to identify potential sources of funds, including charitable gifts, fundraising events, and grants In Process
37 Increase the committees understanding of DEI issues in a Parks & Recreation context Ongoing Not Started F4 F5 
616 Review existing committee DEI plan Not Started
617 Identify a DEI training that would be appropriate for the committee schedule one monthly meeting as a DEI training day Not Started
618 Provide feedback to City staff in development of the departmental DEI Plan Not Started
619 Diversify committee membership as seats open up on the committee Not Started
620 Explore coordination with the Lincoln County Coastal Equity and Inclusion Committee on furthering DEI goals for the committee, possibly including DEI training Not Started
621 Either via agenda items of the full committee or an ad hoc subcommittee, explore additional steps the committee might take, including potential trainings and review and evaluation of departmental policies and procedures Not Started
38 Coordinate with other committees on items of mutual interest Ongoing Completed B3 F7 
622 Meet once a year with the advisory committee of the Bicycle and Pedestrian on issues of joint concern Completed
623 Determine if similar coordination should be taking place with other city committees and develop plans for supporting their work via advocacy or other means. Possibilities include NEWTS, SOLV, CCSA, community garden advocates, the Lincoln County Coastal Equity and Inclusion Committee and others. Completed
624 Develop two to four 1-3 committee agendas inviting representatives of priority groups identified above to meet and discuss items of mutual interest Completed
39 Ensure the committee is prepared in its role as the Citys Tree Board and evaluate other potential Tree Board models Ongoing In Process B6 
625 Work with staff to hold an Arbor Day celebration and tree planting in the spring Completed
626 Hold a training on Tree Board responsibilities and procedures Not Started
627 Work with city staff to identify and evaluate Tree Board models Not Started
40 Explore ways the committee and the department can better support the Citys 60+ community Ongoing In Process B3 E4 E10 F10 
628 Invite 60+ Center coordinator to join Parks & Recreation Committee meetings at least quarterly in order to ensure the committee and the department are meeting the needs of this segment of the community. Completed
629 Working with the 60+ Center and board, solicit additional feedback from the 60+ community on how we can better serve their needs via a survey. Not Started
41 Monitor and support implementation of departments business plan Ongoing In Process B3 
630 Hold one meeting at which the committee is briefed on the new business plan Completed
631 Appoint committee liaison(s) to meet 1x/year with staff to review plan implementation Completed
632 Prioritize 1-3 items from the plan to advocate for In Process
633 Review recommendations in the plan related to reducing departmental reliance on the Citys general fund and, with staff and city council, propose a plan for moving ahead In Process
42 Provide input on departments programs and events. Ongoing Not Started B3 
634 Schedule one agenda item in which staff provide an overview of departments programs and events Not Started
635 Brainstorm changes/ additions/ recommendations Not Started
636 Assign committee members to work with staff on implementing new ideas, as appropriate Not Started
43 Support priority urban forestry initiatives and ensure the initiatives are incorporated with the Tree City USA program. Ongoing In Process B6 
637 Support efforts to gain urban forestry expertise in the city to undertake critical projects such as conducting a tree inventory for the city and developing an urban forestry plan. Completed
638 Determine process for funding and conducting a tree inventory, working with the P/R Foundation and city staff Not Started