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Department Goals

Information Technology (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
22 Customer Service Ongoing Not Started F1 
464 Improve website accessibility level to AA standards Not Started
582 Provide three tech-talks throughout the year Not Started
784 Provide new CMS tool to end-user for editing web pages. Not Started
786 Implement transition to new hardware to replace end-of-life equipment Not Started
23 Innovative Technology Ongoing Not Started Transform the City of Newport workplace by enabling end user capabilities through access to data and services anywhere and anytime.
7 Optimize the end user experience with data, access, and services, providing cost efficiencies and workforce productivity. Not Started
89 Implement workflow technologies to facilitate internal and external processes. Not Started
90 Advance the implementation of the City of Newport information sharing environment by developing highly-available, automated systems. Not Started
91 Enable secure end-to-end delivery of mobile solutions that enhance enterprise-wide mobile computing capabilities for successful mission outcomes. Not Started
24 Connectivity Ongoing Not Started Deliver a strong, connected and resilient network.
92 Develop Network modernization plans Not Started
101 Business Resilience Not Started
530 Provide fully-redundant internet connectivity Not Started
583 Achieve greater than 95% uptime over the year Not Started
785 Cloud-smart implementation stages Not Started
25 Cybersecurity Ongoing Not Started Protect City of Newport networks, systems, functions and data. Continuously mature the City of Newport cybersecurity posture.
105 Implement cyber defense measures Not Started
107 Mobile device security Not Started
108 Cybersecurity standards Not Started