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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Vision 2040

Enhancing a Livable Region ( 2023-24)

A1 (11)
Infrastructure Investments
Maintain and upgrade local infrastructure within available funding
A2 (3)
Housing Supply
Increase supplies of affordable and workforce housing, including rentals and for sale units at prices that are accessible to a broad range of the general public.
A3 (8)
Transportation Corridors
Revitalize Highway 101 and Highway 20 in and around Newport to serve as attractive gateways to the community.
A4 (4)
City Wide Beautification
Promote citywide beautification, generating a fresh yet familiar look for Newport through streetscaping, improvements to building facades, and ocean friendly landscaping.
A5 (2)
City Center Revitalization
Develop a City Center improvement strategy that expands options for living, shopping, working, and dining in the area by promoting walkability, mixed-use development, and refurbishment of historic buildings.
A6 (7)
Mixed-Use Development
Promote mixed-use neighborhoods in appropriate areas of the city, incorporating a blend of commercial uses, employment, and residential development that create a distinct sense of place.
A7 (2)
Housing Development Incentives
Implement incentives to lower development costs and encourage construction and renovation of an array of housing types to augment the supply of affordable, quality, energy-efficient units.
A8 (1)
Vacation Rentals
Assess the growth and distribution of vacation rentals and take longer-term actions that may be required to address impacts on neighborhoods and the community
A9 (0)
Understanding Impacts of Seasonal Housing
Gain a better understanding of the impacts that seasonal housing, including second homes and vacation rentals, has on the availability and affordability of housing and the provision of public services within the community.
A10 (4)
Street, Highway and Bridge Improvements
Engage the State of Oregon and community partners to identify bridge alternatives and future street and highway improvements that meet local needs while mitigating congestion and accommodating future growth and increased traffic.
A11 (7)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Amenities
Work to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians throughout Newport. Plan, fund, and develop improvements to bicycle and pedestrian amenities in strategic areas of the city, including sidewalks, crosswalks or overpasses, traffic calming, bike rack
A12 (3)
Multiuse Paths and Trails
Maintain and expand the multiuse path and trail system.
A13 (10)
Strategic Investments and Partnerships
Pursue strategic investments and partnerships to adequately meet the needs of the community as it grows and develops.
A14 (5)
Developable Land
Ensure an adequate supply of buildable land by first encouraging redevelopment of underutilized and redevelopable properties. Extend infrastructure to undeveloped land that is zoned for development-related uses.
A15 (3)
Complete Streets
Design neighborhoods around streets that are well integrated with local transit, are ADA Accessible, and accommodate active transportation such as cycling, walking, and wheelchair moving.
A16 (2)
Public Transit Improvements and Expansion
Develop targeted improvements to the local transit system, including better scheduling, signage, and plans for system expansion. Work with Lincoln County to upgrade bus service in Newport and surrounding areas, with improved routes and more frequent service.
A17 (1)
Transit Reliability and Promotion
Develop and promote transit as a robust and reliable alternative to driving within the Greater Newport Area.
A18 (4)
Telecommunication Technology
Promote universal, high-speed Internet access throughout the city. Expand community and business access to new telecommunication technologies.

Preserving and Enjoying Our Environment ( 2023-24)

B1 (3)
Sewer and Stormwater Management
Maintain, upgrade, and modernize stormwater and sewer infrastructure to reduce overflows, keep our waterways and beaches clean, and minimize flooding in a manner that is both fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly.
B2 (5)
Integrated Shared-Use Trail System
Develop an integrated trail system, accommodating multiple uses, that connects neighborhoods, visitor destinations, open spaces, and natural areas.
B3 (21)
Parks and Recreation Needs and Upgrades
Engage the community in identifying priorities and future needs related to open space, trail, and park and recreation assets. Make recommendations for future park upgrades, planning, and development, paying particular attention to funding maintenance.
B4 (2)
Trail-Building Program
Establish a City trail-building program that provides opportunities for volunteer involvement.
B5 (1)
Green Building and Development
Promote and incentivize environmentally responsible, resource-efficient building and development techniques, including onsite stormwater management, permeable pavement, energy-efficient buildings, ecological landscaping, and native plantings.
B6 (8)
Environmental Conservation Partnerships
Prioritize conservation of significant open spaces and natural resource areas, including beaches and headlands, midcoast watersheds, the Yaquina Bay Estuary, rivers, streams, forests, and fish and wildlife habitat. Partner with local environmental organiz
B7 (0)
Comprehensive Recycling and Reduced Waste
Target the greater Newport area to achieve the highest rate of recycling of any city in Oregon through source reduction, reuse, recycling, composting of food waste, and curbside glass recycling.
B8 (0)
Renewable Energy
Increase the use of renewable energy to achieve energy independence in the Greater Newport Area, harnessing a combination of renewable energy sources and technologies.
B9 (1)
Climate Action Plan
Develop a comprehensive public-private climate action plan to lessen the greater Newport area's contribution to climate change, as well as to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the community itself.

Creating New Businesses and Jobs ( 2023-24)

C1 (3)
Expanded Working Waterfront
Leverage our maritime industries and marine-related assets to expand and diversify the capacity of marine businesses, including full utilization of the International Terminal.
C2 (0)
Science Economy
Expand Newport's science and marine economy, promoting it nationally and internationally as a hub for scientific research, ocean observation, education, and utilization and conservation activities.
C3 (5)
Living-Wage Jobs
Partner with new and existing businesses to retain, expand, and create jobs that pay living wages, providing at least a minimum income necessary so that workers can meet their basic needs..
C4 (4)
Airport Improvements
Maintain and enhance the Newport Municipal Airport as a viable community asset that can support business growth and development and improve access to and from the community.
C5 (1)
Marine Economy and Economic Development
Link Oregon State University's Marine Studies Initiative and the area's marine economy into economic development planning.
C6 (2)
Tourism Diversification
Diversify Newport's tourist industry by promoting expansion of ecotourism as well as interpretive programs based on Newport's maritime industries.
C7 (2)
Arts and Cultural Destination
Promote the Greater Newport Area as a major arts and cultural destination.
C8 (8)
Local Businesses Support
Support and retain existing local businesses.
C9 (7)
Small Business Development
Expand training and education for small business development and entrepreneurial skills, including resources for artists, craftspeople, trades, and technology start-ups.
C10 (2)
Green and Sustainable Business
Promote and support businesses in the Greater Newport Area that use and market green and sustainable technologies, materials, and products.
C11 (0)
Sustainable Fisheries
Support innovation and new markets in sustainable fisheries by leveraging new technologies and partnering with the science community.
C12 (0)
Diversified Agricultural Economy
Promote the production, marketing, and direct sales of seafood, value added wood products, and local agricultural products.
C13 (1)
Shoulder Season Attractions and Festivals
Develop new attractions, festivals, and marketing to sustain tourism through the shoulder season.
C14 (1)
Viable and Sustainable Commercial Air Service
Work with local, state, and federal partners to develop a model for sustainable commercial air service.
C15 (0)
Permanent Farmers Market
Create a permanent home for a year-round farmers market with expanded hours and business acceleration opportunities for food, beverage, and agriculture related start-ups.

Learning, Exploring, and Creating New Horizons ( 2023-24)

D1 (0)
Funding for Schools
Develop creative, diverse, and alternative sources of funding for educational facilities, classes, programs, and extracurricular activities in the Greater Newport Area schools, including consideration for pre-K and early childhood education.
D2 (3)
Vocational Technology and STEM Programs
Expand vocational tech and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, including K-12, OCCC, and OSU, and offering classes, training, and certification for marine sector and other jobs.
D3 (4)
Art in Public Spaces
Integrate the arts as a key element of the city's identity, including expanding the presence of public art throughout the community.
D4 (3)
Expanded and Upgraded Arts Footprint
Invest in improvements to performing and visual arts venues, including the Performing Arts Center and Visual Arts Center, to increase their capacity to accommodate arts and cultural events.
D5 (3)
Summer Arts Offerings
Expand outdoor summer arts events and offerings, such as music and theater.
D6 (1)
Schools and Local Talent
Promote increased partnerships between schools and local talent, including scientists, artists, craftspeople, and tradespeople who share their knowledge with area classes and students.
D7 (0)
Teacher and Administrator Diversity
Increase the diversity of teachers and administrators to be more representative of student demographics.
D8 (4)
Bilingual and Cross-Cultural Education
Establish comprehensive bilingual and cross-cultural educational programs throughout the community, including English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instruction, to promote better integration and improved achievement of residents of all ages.
D9 (3)
Expanded and Integrated Higher Education
Support Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) in gaining accreditation and expanding its offerings, including workforce education and the trades.
D10 (4)
Education Partnerships
Encourage K-12, community college, professional, and noncredit education partnerships that promote pathways to marine educational programs at Oregon State University (OSU)'s Newport campus.
D11 (3)
School-to-Work Programs
Work with local schools, OCCC, OSU, and employers to develop a school-to-work program for students, training and certifying them to fill the needs of local employers and the job market.
D12 (5)
Access to the Arts
Increase the availability of, and access to, lower cost arts venues and performances while supporting new, innovative opportunities, including workshops, film, and student work.

Improving Community Health and Safety ( 2023-24)

E1 (3)
Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
Work to improve access to and affordability of healthcare for all in the community through improved healthcare facilities, education, and preventive services.
E2 (0)
Medical Professionals and Specialists
Recruit and retain more healthcare providers and medical professionals in the community, including medical specialists in pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, chronic diseases, services for veterans, and the prevention and treatment of addiction.
E3 (0)
Expanded Mental Healthcare
Expand mental health services in the area, including improved community education, prevention, and counseling services, as well as trauma-informed care that diagnoses and treats the mental health impacts of adverse life experiences.
E4 (6)
Improved Service Coordination
Enhance coordination among social services, non-profits, and faith-based institutions to provide integrated, comprehensive support to residents of our community experiencing poverty, hunger, social isolation, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, an
E5 (6)
Disaster Preparedness
Expand disaster preparedness and self-reliance programs and activities, focusing on neighborhood level organizing, and including multilingual information, training, and assistance.
E6 (6)
Proactive Police and Fire Services
Support police and fire services in meeting and addressing growth and changing community needs. Support improved community policing practices that promote positive interactions between public safety officers and the public.
E7 (4)
Homelessness Solutions
Implement proactive solutions to expand services and resources for people who are homeless, including homelessness prevention and other programs and partnerships to help the area's homeless population obtain stable housing.
E8 (6)
Translation and Multilingual Services
Increase and support existing local capacity to provide translation and multilingual services, including assistance with employment, physical health, mental health, rehabilitation, education, nutrition, legal, immigration, and financial education needs.
E9 (0)
Accessible and Affordable Childcare
Increase the number and capacity of quality accredited childcare facilities and staff in the region and make childcare more accessible and affordable for all families.
E10 (1)
Accessible and Affordable Eldercare
Work toward meeting the need for quality and affordable housing, independent living, and care facilities for elders in the Greater Newport Area.
E11 (0)
Foster Care Improvements
Study and make recommendations to address the area's child foster care challenges, including causes, solutions, and prevention. Increase the number and quality of foster homes, while implementing preventive approaches that will help keep more children fro
E12 (1)
Access to Healthy Food
Improve community food security by addressing issues of availability, accessibility, and affordability of healthy food.
E13 (5)
All-Weather Facilities and Activities
Improve affordable access to recreational and community facilities, including indoor spaces for sports, family and cultural celebrations, classes, youth programs, and other recreational and social activities that are accessible during evenings and the rai

Fostering Collaboration and Engagement ( 2023-24)

F1 (11)
Transparency and Communication
Encourage and support continued open communication, transparency, and accountability on the part of City leaders and staff.
F2 (6)
Vision as Foundational Document
Ensure Greater Newport's 2040 Vision serves as the foundation for ongoing public processes, planning, and decision-making.
F3 (6)
Vision-Focused Council and Community
Promote key elements of Greater Newport's 2040 Vision through the Newport City Council, City staff, Greater Newport Area partners, and Vision advocates who engage with community partners.
F4 (15)
Community Engagement
Develop new avenues for Greater Newport Area residents and businesses to engage and participate in the development of plans and policies, and to contribute to the decision-making process.
F5 (11)
Culturally Competent and Inclusive Outreach
Develop new forms of culturally competent outreach, such a Spanish-language publications and public service announcements, to reach out to and involve the entire community.
F6 (3)
Model Communities
Research the best practices of other communities that have been successful in implementing vision plans and strategic community objectives and learn from their successes.
F7 (12)
Collaboration and Partnerships
Sustain positive relationships and high levels of civic collaboration between public, private, faith-based, civic, neighborhood, and community-based organizations and the community at large.
F8 (4)
Community Forums
Develop community forums that bring people of different backgrounds and cultures together to discuss issues and share solutions.
F9 (7)
Youth Involvement
Work through the schools, Oregon Coast Community College, and Oregon State University to increase involvement of younger generations in current affairs and community issues, local government, volunteerism, long-range planning, and decision-making.
F10 (8)
Retiree Involvement
Encourage area retirees to become more active in civic life, contributing their skills, time, energy, and resources to address community needs, mentor young people, and promote their own health and engagement.
F11 (6)
Cultivate the community's spirit of collaboration and engagement to create meaningful opportunities for public involvement and volunteerism for all ages.