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Department Goals

Police (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
32 Improve Department diversity and community outreach Current FY Not Started E6 
518 Work with newly formed Police Advisory Committee to conduct two outreach events. Not Started
595 Meet all legislative police reform measures. Not Started
597 Establish a tuition reimbursement program to further staff development through education. Not Started
33 Conduct 2-3 pedestrian/vehicle safety events Current FY Not Started E6 
137 Publish media event, detailing the pedestrian/vehicle safety operation Not Started
138 Utilize traffic safety grant to conduct 1 spring event and 1 summer event annually for pedestrian safety Not Started
139 Utilize traffic safety grant to conduct 2 high visibility DUII enforcement operations. Not Started
140 Utilize traffic safety grant to conduct 2 distracted riving enforcement operations. Not Started
35 Maintain Police Certification Requirements Ongoing Not Started E6 
520 All officers receive 8 hours force response Not Started
521 All staff receive 3 hours ethics training Not Started
522 Supervisors receive 8 hours annually advanced supervision training. Not Started
526 All officers receive 4 hours de-escalation training. Not Started
37 Obtain 2022 Police Re-Accreditation Current FY Not Started E6 
593 Complete all Oregon Accreditation standards Not Started
594 Successfully achieve Re-Accreditation through the Oregon Accreditation Alliance Not Started
Police (2023-24)
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