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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Department Goals

Parks and Recreation (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
21 Rebuild and expand department services, programs, classes, events and activities. Ongoing In Process E13 F4 F6 F8 F9 F10 
405 PARKS - Promote, utilize, and implement a community volunteer program to assist with beautification of the Park System. In Process
417 ADMIN, REC CENTER, AQUATICS - Evaluate, improve, and implement upon the existing scholarship program and policy Not Started
600 ALL - Achieve staffing levels to meet programming, operational, and budgetary needs and constraints. In Process
601 ALL - Evaluate current and past programs and activities through budget and community input to improve services In Process
603 AQUATICS - Implement 3 new family-oriented special events and restructure the swim lesson program In Process
604 SPORTS - Implement 3 new special events or programs for youth and adults In Process
606 REC CENTER - Evaluate the feasibility of current and additional youth programming, i.e. childcare, teens, SAC, and SO. In Process
22 Begin implementation of the Park Master Plan Ongoing In Process A3 A4 A11 A12 B2 B3 B4 E13 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 
274 ADMIN, PARKS - Identify partnerships and funding sources. In Process
407 ADMIN - Develop a community garden policy. In Process
607 ADMIN, PARKS - Educate department heads and city staff about the PMP. Engage with stakeholders about achievable projects within the PMP. In Process
608 ADMIN, PARKS - Identify and implement achievable projects for FY22-23. In Process
609 ADMIN, PARKS - Complete capital projects from FY21-22. In Process
23 Reduce environmental impact through department facilities, operations and programs and activities. Ongoing In Process A1 B3 B5 B8 B9 C10 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 
277 ALL - Evaluate each facilitys current infrastructure and operations to identify where improvements can be made. In Process
278 ALL - Implement 3 environmental action items within each Parks and Recreation facility related to operations. In Process
279 AQUATICS - Explore the viability of an Aquatic Center UV system In Process
280 ADMIN, PARKS, REC CENTER - Support the Bee City and Tree City Programs through obtaining a Growth Award in 2021. Completed
281 ADMIN, REC CENTER, PARKS - Identify and partner with 3 organizations to provide community education programs through the Recreation Center and Parks Maintenance. In Process
24 Improve safety, security and operational function of all department facilities to enhance a livable region. Ongoing In Process A1 B3 
408 REC CENTER - Complete installation of side and rear entry doors and locking system. Not Started
610 AQUATICS, REC CENTER, 60+ - Review, update, and implement the facility maintenance plan for all 3 facilities Not Started
611 ADMIN, PARKS - Complete the install of the new lighting system at Betty Wheeler Park. Completed
612 PARKS - Complete and implement a park maintenance plan. Not Started
613 REC CENTER, 60+, AQUATICS - Complete the modification of the emergency action plan to include infectious disease guidelines. In Process
614 ADMIN, REC CENTER, 60+, AQUATICS - Research and train staff on community disaster response. In Process
615 ALL - Develop and/or update a Standard Operating Procedure Manual for all divisions In Process
616 AQUATICS, REC CENTER - Complete major repairs to facilities that effect operational function, i.e. roof leaks, mechanical room failures, pool cracks, etc. In Process
25 Develop a comprehensive Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan Ongoing In Process A1 A16 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 
287 ADMIN - Consult with stakeholders and organizations for assistance and community engagement. In Process
288 ALL - Evaluate existing programs and activities to ensure inclusivity. In Process
617 ADMIN - Complete management DEI training to develop and implement a DEI department action plan. In Process
618 ALL - Expand the online registration process to make it more accessible for all community members In Process
26 Evaluate the department to build a strong and cohesive organization Ongoing In Process F1 F2 F3 F4 
291 ALL - Engage staff and volunteers in identifying priorities and future needs through regular training and teambuilding opportunities. In Process
619 ALL - Create a teambuilding plan to encourage department staff to learn from and collaborate with each other. Not Started
27 Review and Implement the Recreation Business Plan Ongoing In Process A1 B3 E8 E9 E10 E13 F4 F7 F8 F11 
620 ALL - Review and educate department management and stakeholders on recommendations outlined in the plan. In Process
621 ALL - Identify action items and begin implementation, i.e. marketing plan, partnerships, program development, fee analysis and cost recovery, etc. In Process

Council Assigned Goals (2022-23)

Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
11 Review and implement cost-effective priorities from the Parks and Recreation Master Plan for implementation. Ongoing In Process B3 B4 
363 Parks and Recreation will reactivate a foundation to provide a source of funding for parks equipment and scholarships. PAR Completed
531 Pursue negotiations with State Parks for a new soccer field. PAR Terminated
532 Provide funding for the construction of outdoor fields at Agate Beach Wayside. PAR Terminated
20 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Task Force Ongoing In Process E7 
539 Determine the feasibility of developing a program to pay individuals experiencing houselessness for litter and trash clean-up. PAR Not Started
23 Enhance coordination among social services, non-profits and local government to collaborate in all actions to guide creation of a healthier community. Ongoing In Process E4 
393 Participate in the Quarterly Community Health Improvement Plan meetings and/or the Health Integration Network meetings to discuss opportunities to collaborate with health organizations to create a healthier community. PAR In Process
80 Expand affordable and accessible childcare capacity in the Greater Newport Area. Ongoing In Process E9 
545 Expand childcare services at the Recreation Center. PAR In Process