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Department Goals

Parks and Recreation (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
28 Set Recreation Division standards and continually review progress to address the divisions structural deficit Ongoing In Process B3 
677 Align of out-of-city fees with costs to help reduce the subsidies in the facilities and program service areas In Process
678 Realign the Departments accounting practices to better track aquatics revenues. (Currently, most aquatics revenues in pass sales are credited to the Recreation Center) Not Started
679 Develop a community survey to be repeated every two years to track trend information around marketing, customer satisfaction, operating hours, willingness to pay, etc. In Process
29 Focus on direct cost recovery at the recreation facility level Ongoing In Process B3 
680 Complete a resource allocation and cost recovery study, assigning prices for programs, rental costs and activities based on community and individual benefit Completed
681 Adopt a policy of cost recovery based on completion of the study In Process
682 Set Department fees based on cost recovery goals with discounts offered to Newport residents , prioritizing access for all community members regardless of household income In Process
683 Adopt changes to pricing strategy as highlighted in the business plan In Process
30 Deliver recreation programs, facilities, and promotion to Newports tourist market Ongoing In Process B3 
684 Partner with the Newport area Chamber of Commerce, Travel Oregon website and the Newport hotel and business community to present a focus on reaching the tourist community In Process
685 Expand on the current and successful hotel partnership with other hotels to feature the aquatic center as a hotel amenity Not Started
686 Coordinate with the Newport Visitors Center for inclusion in marketing materials In Process
687 Develop or invest in aquatic opportunities that provide a tangible tourist draw. Consider birthday party spaces, a climbing wall, a new water slide, etc. Brainstorm with staff to create a unique niche In Process
31 Utilize standards adopted by the CAPRA which provides quality assurance and quality improvement guidance for recreation programs and facilities Ongoing Not Started
688 Complete the CAPRA self-evaluation Not Started
32 Work toward a more efficient and less hierarchical organizational structure for the Department Ongoing In Process B3 
689 Realign the Recreation Superintendents position to allow a greater focus on program planning and implementation by reducing the span of control, particularly the Aquatic facility and programs Completed
690 Consider addition of one full-time FTE for an Administrative Assistant to support the Director, staff and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee In Process
691 Enhance coordination of building attendants with work assignments to all Department facilities and not primarily the Recreation Center In Process
33 Address challenges related to recruitment and retention of part-time/casual labor Ongoing In Process B3 
692 Consider a college intern program at a minimal cost to provide paid staffing positions and build a pipeline for filling future full-time vacancies In Process
34 Increase familiarity with Department recreation facilities and programs Ongoing Not Started B3 
694 Aggressively market facility rental opportunities Not Started
695 Add an LED, programmable sign on Highway 101 to attract both tourist and increase familiarity with facility location and program opportunities. LED sign should be programmable via remote location, on-line. Not Started
696 Enhance facility wayfinding signs in areas in and around Newport Not Started
697 Develop a Department branding policy Not Started
35 Re-invest in recreation facilities Ongoing In Process B3 E13 
698 Develop an annual maintenance plan for the facilities, capitalizing on work already done by the Citys Public Works Department Not Started
699 Replace the fitness equipment, and other facility amenities as needed and create an equipment asset management plan and reinvestment fund In Process
36 Ensure affordable access to all community members Ongoing Not Started B3 E1 
700 Update scholarship policy to provide maximum use, outreach, and opportunities for facility/family pass Not Started
701 Evaluate the Departments scholarship program and set policy that fees capture a minimum of 20% scholarship recipients Not Started
37 Develop a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan Ongoing In Process F5 F7 
735 Consult with stakeholders and organizations for assistance and community engagement. Not Started
736 Evaluate existing programs and activities to ensure inclusivity. In Process
737 Complete management DEI training to develop and implement a DEI department action plan. In Process
738 Emphasis on DEI Hispanic Community outreach for programs, facility rentals, etc. Partner with Hispanic advocacy groups in Newport, assigning department liaison to meeting monthly In Process
38 Promote, utilize, implement a volunteer program in the Parks System Ongoing In Process B3 
739 Improve public outreach to identify volunteers and community groups to participate In Process
740 Complete 1 large volunteer park project in FY 2023-2024 Not Started
741 Complete small volunteer work party events once a month (excluding the months of December, January, February) Completed
39 Continue to implement the current Park System Plan Ongoing In Process B3 
742 Identify partnerships and funding sources for potential park projects. In Process
748 Apply for 2 large grants for projects in a fiscal year. Completed
749 Approve a community garden policy and a establish 1 new garden program In Process
40 Complete the funded capital projects from FY 2022-2023 Ongoing In Process B3 
750 Agate Beach Neighborhood and Dog Park Rehab Project In Process
751 Playground improvements at Agate Beach Neighborhood Park and Sam Moore Parkway In Process
752 Urban Orchard Project Terminated
753 Ocean to Bay Wayfinding and Educational Signage In Process
754 Agate Beach Staircase Improvements In Process
41 Continue to support and promote the Bee City and Tree City Program Ongoing In Process B3 
756 Obtain a Tree City Growth Award in 2023 Terminated
757 Continue to establish 2 pollinator gardens in 2023 In Process
758 Work with Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to explore options for implementing a Tree Inventory and Ivy Removal Program in future years In Process
42 Identify & Implement achievable projects for FY 2023-2024 Ongoing In Process B3 
759 Agate Beach Dog Park - water access and parking lot improvements Terminated
760 Betty Wheeler Park - engage with city departments and park stakeholders to develop park rehab plans Terminated
761 Sam Moore Parkway - engage with community stakeholders on future site development. Evaluate and plan for installation of a permeant restroom In Process
762 Build a Park Standards Manual Not Started