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Engineering (2022-23)
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Council Assigned Goals (2022-23)

Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Invest in upgrades to the City's water distribution and storage tank systems. Ongoing In Process A1 
40 Update the Water Master Plan ENG In Process
518 Secure grant funding through FEMA for the replacement of the City's two main water storage tanks with two new seismically sound water tanks. ENG In Process
519 Secure grant funding through FEMA for the replacement of the 54th Street pump station. ENG In Process
5 Complete pedestrian safety amenities throughout the community Ongoing In Process A11 
51 Conduct feasibility and develop preliminary costs for infilling sidewalk from Don Davis Park to Government Street along Elizabeth Street. ENG Completed
357 Complete design for a pedestrian walkway on US 101 from 25th Street to 36th Street utilizing URA funding for the project. ENG In Process
358 Work with ODOT to plan a pedestrian crosswalk at Highway 20 and Eads Street. ENG In Process
520 Initiate planning with ODOT for the bike and pedestrian improvements from NE 36th Street to NE 60th Street. ENG Not Started
521 Move forward with design, permitting, and if permitted, construction of a pedestrian-activated, signaled crosswalk at US 101 and NE 60th Streets. ENG In Process
9 Invest in upgrades to the City's storm sewer collection system Ongoing In Process A1 B1 B4 
529 Fund the replacement of the storm sewer on Hatfield. ENG In Process
530 Fund the replacement of the storm sewer running under the fire hall and through Betty Wheeler Park. ENG Completed
18 Replace the Big Creek Dam Ongoing In Process E5 
378 Inform the Greater Newport Area of the critical need to replace the Big Creek Dams. ENG In Process
379 Proceed with preliminary design and permitting for the replacement dam for Big Creek. ENG In Process
380 Conduct emergency preparedness planning regarding the dam failure. ENG In Process
381 Continue efforts at identifying funding for dam replacement. ENG In Process
538 Secure a grant agreement form the State of Oregon for the $14 million appropriation of lottery bonds. ENG Completed
76 Make safety improvements on US 101 at NE 57 th Street and the movie theater driveway 5+ Years In Process A10 
527 Meet with ODOT to discuss safety improvements, including a truck lane, at this intersection ENG Completed
528 Seek funding for preliminary engineering to identify options for redesigning the intersection at US 101 and NE 58th Street. ENG In Process