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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Vision 2040

Enhancing a Livable Region ( 2024-25)

A1 (6)
Infrastructure Investments
Maintain and upgrade local infrastructure within available funding
A2 (1)
Housing Supply
Increase supplies of affordable and workforce housing, including rentals and for sale units at prices that are accessible to a broad range of the general public.
A3 (4)
Transportation Corridors
Revitalize Highway 101 and Highway 20 in and around Newport to serve as attractive gateways to the community.
A4 (2)
City Wide Beautification
Promote citywide beautification, generating a fresh yet familiar look for Newport through streetscaping, improvements to building facades, and ocean friendly landscaping.
A5 (1)
City Center Revitalization
Develop a City Center improvement strategy that expands options for living, shopping, working, and dining in the area by promoting walkability, mixed-use development, and refurbishment of historic buildings.
A6 (4)
Mixed-Use Development
Promote mixed-use neighborhoods in appropriate areas of the city, incorporating a blend of commercial uses, employment, and residential development that create a distinct sense of place.
A7 (1)
Housing Development Incentives
Implement incentives to lower development costs and encourage construction and renovation of an array of housing types to augment the supply of affordable, quality, energy-efficient units.
A8 (1)
Vacation Rentals
Assess the growth and distribution of vacation rentals and take longer-term actions that may be required to address impacts on neighborhoods and the community
A9 (0)
Understanding Impacts of Seasonal Housing
Gain a better understanding of the impacts that seasonal housing, including second homes and vacation rentals, has on the availability and affordability of housing and the provision of public services within the community.
A10 (2)
Street, Highway and Bridge Improvements
Engage the State of Oregon and community partners to identify bridge alternatives and future street and highway improvements that meet local needs while mitigating congestion and accommodating future growth and increased traffic.
A11 (1)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Amenities
Work to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians throughout Newport. Plan, fund, and develop improvements to bicycle and pedestrian amenities in strategic areas of the city, including sidewalks, crosswalks or overpasses, traffic calming, bike rack
A12 (1)
Multiuse Paths and Trails
Maintain and expand the multiuse path and trail system.
A13 (10)
Strategic Investments and Partnerships
Pursue strategic investments and partnerships to adequately meet the needs of the community as it grows and develops.
A14 (3)
Developable Land
Ensure an adequate supply of buildable land by first encouraging redevelopment of underutilized and redevelopable properties. Extend infrastructure to undeveloped land that is zoned for development-related uses.
A15 (1)
Complete Streets
Design neighborhoods around streets that are well integrated with local transit, are ADA Accessible, and accommodate active transportation such as cycling, walking, and wheelchair moving.
A16 (1)
Public Transit Improvements and Expansion
Develop targeted improvements to the local transit system, including better scheduling, signage, and plans for system expansion. Work with Lincoln County to upgrade bus service in Newport and surrounding areas, with improved routes and more frequent service.
A17 (0)
Transit Reliability and Promotion
Develop and promote transit as a robust and reliable alternative to driving within the Greater Newport Area.
A18 (4)
Telecommunication Technology
Promote universal, high-speed Internet access throughout the city. Expand community and business access to new telecommunication technologies.