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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Vision 2040

Creating New Businesses and Jobs ( 2024-25)

C1 (2)
Expanded Working Waterfront
Leverage our maritime industries and marine-related assets to expand and diversify the capacity of marine businesses, including full utilization of the International Terminal.
C2 (0)
Science Economy
Expand Newport's science and marine economy, promoting it nationally and internationally as a hub for scientific research, ocean observation, education, and utilization and conservation activities.
C3 (5)
Living-Wage Jobs
Partner with new and existing businesses to retain, expand, and create jobs that pay living wages, providing at least a minimum income necessary so that workers can meet their basic needs..
C4 (4)
Airport Improvements
Maintain and enhance the Newport Municipal Airport as a viable community asset that can support business growth and development and improve access to and from the community.
C5 (1)
Marine Economy and Economic Development
Link Oregon State University's Marine Studies Initiative and the area's marine economy into economic development planning.
C6 (3)
Tourism Diversification
Diversify Newport's tourist industry by promoting expansion of ecotourism as well as interpretive programs based on Newport's maritime industries.
C7 (2)
Arts and Cultural Destination
Promote the Greater Newport Area as a major arts and cultural destination.
C8 (7)
Local Businesses Support
Support and retain existing local businesses.
C9 (6)
Small Business Development
Expand training and education for small business development and entrepreneurial skills, including resources for artists, craftspeople, trades, and technology start-ups.
C10 (1)
Green and Sustainable Business
Promote and support businesses in the Greater Newport Area that use and market green and sustainable technologies, materials, and products.
C11 (0)
Sustainable Fisheries
Support innovation and new markets in sustainable fisheries by leveraging new technologies and partnering with the science community.
C12 (0)
Diversified Agricultural Economy
Promote the production, marketing, and direct sales of seafood, value added wood products, and local agricultural products.
C13 (1)
Shoulder Season Attractions and Festivals
Develop new attractions, festivals, and marketing to sustain tourism through the shoulder season.
C14 (1)
Viable and Sustainable Commercial Air Service
Work with local, state, and federal partners to develop a model for sustainable commercial air service.
C15 (1)
Permanent Farmers Market
Create a permanent home for a year-round farmers market with expanded hours and business acceleration opportunities for food, beverage, and agriculture related start-ups.