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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Committee Goals

City Council (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
20 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Task Force Ongoing Not Started E7 
387 Explore the future installation of Portland loos in key locations throughout the community. Not Started
388 Request that the organized faith-based community coordinate services offered by local churches and other faith-based groups. Not Started
389 Conduct a study on the economic impact of the cost of homelessness to property owners. Not Started
390 Pursue efforts to create a more permanent overnight shelter. Not Started
391 Identify needs and advocate for financial support on health-related issues, including mental health, physical health, and drug and alcohol abuse issues for homeless populations. Not Started
392 Determine the impact of affordable housing on homelessness. Not Started
City Council (2023-24)
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