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Community Development (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
51 Establish a set of land use regulations and incentives to complement the Transportation System Plan update and facilitate revitalization of the US 101 / 20 corridors, including the City Center area. Ongoing In Process 2020-21: Includes rework of zoning along the US 101/US 20 corridors to complement desired street improvements identified in the TSP. May include provisions to support additional density and mixed-use live work arrangements. Incentives to include development of an urban renewal funded building facade improvement program. Concept vetted with ODOT/DLCD staff, who indicated that project would be a good fit for TGM grant funding. Pre-app held in March but grant application was not filed due to pandemic related delays to the TSP update. 2021-22: Grant application to fund this work was submitted in June of 2021 and was approved in October. Scope of work is being developed for IGA and consulting contract. IGA to be presented to Council before the end of 2021. Consultant to be under contract by March of 2022. A3 A4 A5 A6 F4 
429 Coordinate with funding partners to get consultants under contract and initiate project. In Process
644 Conduct business outreach and recruit advisory committee. Not Started
645 Develop draft updates to the Citys codes to support downtown redevelopment. Not Started
646 Create framework for an urban renewal funded business facade improvement program. Not Started
53 Implement Parking Study recommendations adopted by the City Council. Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: City is recruiting to empanel the Parking advisory Committee. Applications due by 11/30/21. City Council to interview candidates and make appointments in December. Committee will assist staff with Bayfront meter roll out as initial project. Non-meter options for Nye Beach will also be evaluated. A14 C1 C8 
261 Recruit and empanel a Parking Advisory Committee to provide recommendations to policymakers and staff regarding city parking policy and programs. Not Started
262 Initiate refinements to the Historic Nye Beach Design Review Overlay, as needed. Not Started
263 Prepare a Request for Proposals for installation of meters and related improvements (target spring 2021 for implementation). Not Started
264 Develop draft ordinance changes to lift Bayfront off-street parking standards that serve as an impediment to development/redevelopment (to be implemented concurrent with metering). Not Started
430 Initiate discussions with Nye Beach businesses on alternatives for managing parking in a sustainable manner. Not Started
54 Facilitate Provision of Additional Housing Opportunities within the City Ongoing Not Started 2020-21: Committee formed to assist staff and policymakers with developing a framework for distribution of affordable housing CET funds. That work should be complete spring/summer of 2021. HB 2001 amendments are in draft form and will be adopted by the end of FY 20/21 as required by state law.2021-22: Skinny street standards and adjustments to City exaction requirements are being developed as part of the TSP update with adoption anticipated in February/March of 2022. A2 A6 A7 
265 Incorporate "skinny" public street options into subdivision and zoning ordinances to reduce costs that may be an impediment to development. Not Started
266 Adjust exaction requirements to ensure they are equitable, particularly for small scale residential projects. Not Started
267 Initiate refinements to the Historic Nye Beach Design Review Overlay, as needed. Not Started
269 Assist policy-makers in identifying a location and, in the permitting of, an overnight homeless shelter. Not Started
57 Partner with DOGAMI and DLCD on Tsunami Resiliency Initiatives Ongoing Not Started 2020-21: Tsunami Hazard Overlay adopted with Ord #2166. City was originally going to match funding with DLCD for beach access resiliency assessment. City funding had to be pulled due to budget reductions. DLCD was able to fully fund with City providing technical support. Scope of work prepared and consultant hired. Assessment work started 2/21.2021-22: Beach access assessment has been completed. A13 E5 F4 
647 Pursue grant funding to implement beach access resiliency recommendations. Not Started
58 Initiate work on HB 2003 Mandated Housing Needs and Buildable Lands Update Ongoing In Process 2021-22: HB 2003 (2019) requires Citys update their housing needs and buildable lands inventories more frequently, with supplemental outreach and more robust analysis, including a set of housing production strategies. The state has included Newport in the initial round of communities required to update plans beginning in FT 2021-22. DLCD has requested technical assistance funding, which if approved by the legislature will likely result in 75% or more of the costs being grant eligible. Work will be informed by the 2020 census. A2 A7 A9 A14 F4 
448 Develop an RFP, select a consultant(s) through a competitive review process, and initiate work on the project. In Process
648 Recruit project advisory committee. Not Started
649 Develop adoption ready housing capacity analysis and production strategy. Not Started
59 Support Development of STR Ordinance Implementation Work Group Recommendations Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: Work group was created by the City Council to observe implementation of the Citys updated short-term rental regulations adopted with Ord. #2144 (2019) and provide recommendations for further revisions. The group was to be empaneled for 12-months however, their term was extended an additional 24-months due to the pandemic. A8 A9 F1 F4 
449 Assist Work Group in understanding how City Administration implements ordinance implementation through the summer of 2021 via a series of quarterly meetings. Not Started
450 Provide the Work Group with requested information and options for addressing identified issues. Not Started
451 Develop ordinance amendments or potential administrative procedural changes at the request of the Work Group for presentation to the City Council. Not Started
60 Assist BLM and FHWA on Lighthouse Drive Transportation Study Ongoing In Process 2021-22: Project has been initiate by BLM/FHWA. Study is assessing potential access improvements to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, with an emphasis on bike/pedestrian enhancements. Work expected to extend through the fiscal year, positioning City for Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant application in 2022-23 to pay for needed improvements. Viable source of funding for Lighthouse Drive bike/ped improvements, upgrades to Lighthouse Drive and US 101 intersection, trail connections to Agate Beach and the wayside, and a portion of a Lighthouse to Lighthouse trail connection. FLAP grant was submitted earlier than anticipated, in October of 2021, while study is ongoing. If approved, funding will be available in FY 24-25. A10 A11 B2 F4 
452 Assist BLM, FHWA, ODOT, and consulting team with development of study, including background data and recommendations from Newport TSP Update and public outreach. In Process
453 Provide feedback to BLM/FHWA regarding community priorities for infrastructure investment and incorporate recommendations as an amendment to the Newport TSP. In Process
650 Incorporate recommendations into City TSP. Not Started
651 Coordinate with BLM/FHWA on project refinement of Lighthouse to Lighthouse trail connection if FLAP funds are awarded (2024/25 federal funding cycle). Not Started
61 Facilitate Acquisition of Additional Land in Big Creek Watershed Ongoing In Process 2021-22: City Council has expressed an interest in acquiring additional land within the Big Creek watershed to secure the Citys water supply. Seed money will come from the sale of an easement to Central Lincoln PUD for a new high-voltage line over the city reservoirs. The high-voltage line will provide a redundant power feed to the City, improving resiliency. The easement conveyance has been completed. City is pursuing an OWEB grant to complete a forest management plan within the Big Creek Watershed. An initial application received a "do fund" recommendation from OWEB staff however, they lacked resources to fund all of the applications. A second grant application was submitted in November. If it is approved, the funding will be available in April. Developing a forest management plan is often a first step toward acquiring property. The OWEB application was submitted in partnership with Oregon Coast Community Forest Association (OCCFA), Sustainable Northwest, Hancock Forest Management, and others. A13 B1 B6 
456 Contact ownership interests within the watershed to ascertain interest in participating in land sales and/or exchanges. In Process
457 Consult with OCCFA and Sustainable Northwest and prepare application to secure USDA, OWEB or other grant funds to supplement city resources for land acquisition. In Process
652 Initiate Big Creek Watershed Forest Assessment if OWEB grant application is approved (April 2022 award timeframe). Not Started
62 Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan Update Ongoing In Process 2021-22: DLCD funded project with $220,000 NOAA grant. Estuary Management Plan governs in-water development and natural resource mitigation and enhancement activities within the bay. City staff to serve a support role, serving on a steering committee, and providing contract6or with background information to inform development of the plan. Once the plan is adopted, City would update its estuary management regulations (last amended in the 1980s). Effort could simplify in-water permitting processes, and will help shoreland property owners better understand estuary resource preservation and enhancement objectives. Includes a climate adaptation element. Plan to be completed spring/summer of 2022. DLCD has hired a consultant and the taskforce has held an initial meeting. B6 C1 C5 F4 F7 
458 Participate on taskforce to update the plan, providing technical expertise and background data relevant to portions of the estuary within the city limits of Newport. In Process
459 Conduct work sessions with City policy-making bodies to keep them informed of the proposed amendments, and assist DLCD with public outreach. Not Started
460 Initiate updates to the estuary management chapter of the Newport Comprehensive Plan and Corresponding chapter of the zoning ordinance. Not Started
63 Update Newport Unsafe Building Codes Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: Sync nuisance and unsafe building code provisions in the Municipal Code to create streamlined and equitable process for abating dangerous buildings, including those damaged by landslides or other natural events. E5 
461 Coordinate with Police Departments Code Enforcement staff and State Building Codes Division to develop draft amendments. Not Started
462 Conduct work sessions with policymakers to review amendments and update based upon feedback. Not Started
463 Initiate ordinance amendment process. Not Started
64 Identify Funding Partnerships for TSP Project Priorities 2-5 Years Not Started A3 A10 A11 A15 A16 
653 Coordinate with ODOT, private developers, and other potential partners to identify joint funding opportunities. Not Started
65 Implement Recommendations from US 101 Corridor Refinement Plan Ongoing Not Started A1 A3 
654 Update the Citys development codes in line with the recommendations from the code audit. Not Started
659 Advance priority urban renewal projects. Not Started
660 Initiate annexation of unincorporated islands in South Beach. Not Started
Community Development (2023-24)
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