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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Vision 2040

Improving Community Health and Safety ( 2023-24)

E1 (3)
Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
Work to improve access to and affordability of healthcare for all in the community through improved healthcare facilities, education, and preventive services.
E2 (0)
Medical Professionals and Specialists
Recruit and retain more healthcare providers and medical professionals in the community, including medical specialists in pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, chronic diseases, services for veterans, and the prevention and treatment of addiction.
E3 (0)
Expanded Mental Healthcare
Expand mental health services in the area, including improved community education, prevention, and counseling services, as well as trauma-informed care that diagnoses and treats the mental health impacts of adverse life experiences.
E4 (6)
Improved Service Coordination
Enhance coordination among social services, non-profits, and faith-based institutions to provide integrated, comprehensive support to residents of our community experiencing poverty, hunger, social isolation, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, an
E5 (6)
Disaster Preparedness
Expand disaster preparedness and self-reliance programs and activities, focusing on neighborhood level organizing, and including multilingual information, training, and assistance.
E6 (6)
Proactive Police and Fire Services
Support police and fire services in meeting and addressing growth and changing community needs. Support improved community policing practices that promote positive interactions between public safety officers and the public.
E7 (4)
Homelessness Solutions
Implement proactive solutions to expand services and resources for people who are homeless, including homelessness prevention and other programs and partnerships to help the area's homeless population obtain stable housing.
E8 (6)
Translation and Multilingual Services
Increase and support existing local capacity to provide translation and multilingual services, including assistance with employment, physical health, mental health, rehabilitation, education, nutrition, legal, immigration, and financial education needs.
E9 (0)
Accessible and Affordable Childcare
Increase the number and capacity of quality accredited childcare facilities and staff in the region and make childcare more accessible and affordable for all families.
E10 (1)
Accessible and Affordable Eldercare
Work toward meeting the need for quality and affordable housing, independent living, and care facilities for elders in the Greater Newport Area.
E11 (0)
Foster Care Improvements
Study and make recommendations to address the area's child foster care challenges, including causes, solutions, and prevention. Increase the number and quality of foster homes, while implementing preventive approaches that will help keep more children fro
E12 (1)
Access to Healthy Food
Improve community food security by addressing issues of availability, accessibility, and affordability of healthy food.
E13 (5)
All-Weather Facilities and Activities
Improve affordable access to recreational and community facilities, including indoor spaces for sports, family and cultural celebrations, classes, youth programs, and other recreational and social activities that are accessible during evenings and the rai