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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Department Goals

City Manager's Office (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
17 Develop Inclusive Outreach Materials Ongoing In Process 2021-22: This project is ongoing, and anticipated that it will perpetually be ongoing as new materials are developed. The city has made progress in issuing press releases in both Spanish and English.2022-23: This project is ongoing, and anticipated that it will perpetually be ongoing as new materials are developed. The city has made progress in issuing press releases in both Spanish and English. F4 F5 
46 Develop bilingual (English and Spanish) documents utilized regularly by the CRO, including special event permit applications, committee applications In Process
19 Continue City-Wide Beautification Ongoing In Process 2022-23: The citys Landscaping Technician is working for the Parks and Recreation Department, and continuing work toward these identified goals. A4 
49 Continue working with the citys Landscaping Technician and the Ad-Hoc Beautification Committee on identifying at least one major landscaping project annually. In Process
50 Continue promoting the use of climate appropriate landscaping in public areas. In Process
528 Addition of bee pollinator gardens. Completed
529 Develop volunteer corps to assist in minor landscaping projects. Completed
20 Create a Plan to Assist in the Access to Healthy Food Ongoing In Process E12 
51 Work with appropriate city staff to determine the location(s) of official community garden(s) to assist citizens in urban farming and the provision of healthy food. In Process
534 Work with appropriate staff on processes and procedures for community garden(s). In Process
21 Refine Processes and Procedures Ongoing In Process F6 
532 Complete work on a citywide policy manual (excluding human resources and departmental policy manuals). In Process
533 Develop, in coordination with other staff, templates for commonly used documents, i.e., agreements, ordinances, resolutions, etc. In Process
22 Develop and Implement More Robust Electronic Outreach Ongoing In Process
626 Establish regular schedule for E-Blast In Process
627 Expand use of social media to include twitter and other outlets. Not Started
628 Ensure that all electronic outreach is available in both English and Spanish. In Process

Council Assigned Goals (2022-23)

Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
12 Evaluate the implementation of a dark sky lighting plan for the City Ongoing In Process B3 B5 
366 Determine the feasibility of utilizing the energy savings through the use of LED fixtures and more efficient placement of outdoor lighting to help expedite implementation of the dark sky street lighting system for the City. CMO In Process
533 Review model ordinances for the development of Dark Sky regulations for private outdoor lighting in the city. CMO Not Started
13 Develop a long-term climate action plan for the City of Newport Ongoing In Process B6 B7 B9 
70 Develop educational materials and meet with heavy industrial users of water to discuss the implementation of water conservation practices. CMO In Process
534 Further develop and implement sustainability information on measure the City can implement in our day-to-day operations to reduce environmental impacts. CMO In Process
17 Provide sufficient funding to support public arts Ongoing Completed D3 
537 Provide an increase in the annual appropriation of funding to support the acquisition of public art for the city. CMO Completed
20 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Task Force Ongoing In Process E7 
387 Explore the future installation of Portland loos in key locations throughout the community. CMO Not Started
388 Request that the organized faith-based community coordinate services offered by local churches and other faith-based groups. CMO In Process
390 Pursue efforts to create a more permanent overnight shelter. CMO In Process
540 Participate in the Affordable Housing Partners meetings to discuss strategies on managing homelessness. CMO In Process
542 Partner with the Lincoln County Harm Reduction team and advocate for financial support on health-related issues, including mental health, physical health, and drug and alcohol issues for individuals experiencing houselessness. CMO Completed
24 Utilize the Greater Newport Area Vision 2040 strategies as a foundational document for ongoing public processes, planning and decision making. Ongoing In Process F2 
394 Develop a plan to sustain active coordination of the Greater Newport Vision beyond the funding provided by the Ford Family Foundation. CMO In Process
26 Increase involvement of younger generations in community issues Ongoing In Process F9 
90 Work collaboratively with the school district to establish a youth council. CMO In Process
546 Evaluate the possibility to add a position for youth on various City Advisory Committees. CMO Completed
27 Address long-term financial sustainability issues for the City of Newport. Ongoing In Process
399 Review the Five-Year Financial Sustainability Plan as part of the 2022-2023 Preliminary Budget Committee Meeting CMO Completed
553 Consider a grant writer position in the 2022-2023 budget. CMO In Process
69 Foster an inclusive organization and community that embraces diversity in ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, self-identity, and perspectives consistent with our slogan "The Friendliest". Ongoing In Process F5 
397 The City will support and seek out opportunities to collaborate with local partner organizations on cultural programming by collaborating on these programs during the fiscal year. CMO In Process
398 The City commits to develop and publicize a process to address complaints of bias or discrimination relating to the City of Newport. The City commits to develop a specific protocol, or set of protocols, to investigate and respond to grievances with the goal of eliminating systemic bias within our organization. CMO Completed
80 Expand affordable and accessible childcare capacity in the Greater Newport Area. Ongoing In Process E9 
544 Coordinate a meeting to determine current efforts to expand childcare options for families in the Greater Newport Area. CMO Completed
75 Establish a trolley to move visitors, employees, and residents between Nye Beach, the Bayfront and Downtown 2-5 Years In Process A16 
525 Meet with Lincoln County Transit, ODOT and others to determine feasibility costs of operating a trolley or shuttle. CMO Not Started
78 Implement conservation methods to reduce the use of water within the Greater Newport Area. 2-5 Years Completed B9 
536 Initiate a work group to review methods to reduce drinking water use by residents and businesses. CMO Completed
87 Improve methods for revenue collection 2-5 Years In Process
564 Implement a centralized process of monitoring leases and provisions within those leases, expiration of leases, and other activities that need to be done on a consolidated basis. CMO Completed
89 Build a strong and healthy work place culture within the City organization 2-5 Years In Process A2 F5 
568 Purchase or secure housing for use by new employees to the City of Newport. CMO Completed
569 Develop a policy providing use of the Recreation Center by City Council elected officials as is provided for City employees. CMO Terminated