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Department Goals

City Manager's Office (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
17 Develop Inclusive Outreach Materials Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: This project will be completed prior to the end of this Fiscal Year. F4 F5 
46 Develop bilingual (English and Spanish) documents utilized regularly by the CRO, including special event permit applications, committee applications Not Started
19 Continue City-Wide Beautification Ongoing Not Started A4 
49 Continue working with the citys Landscaping Technician and the Ad-Hoc Beautification Committee on identifying at least one major landscaping project annually. Not Started
50 Continue promoting the use of climate appropriate landscaping in public areas. Not Started
528 Addition of bee pollinator gardens. Not Started
529 Develop volunteer corps to assist in minor landscaping projects. Not Started
20 Create a Plan to Assist in the Access to Healthy Food Ongoing Not Started E12 
51 Work with appropriate city staff to determine the location(s) of official community garden(s) to assist citizens in urban farming and the provision of healthy food. Not Started
534 Work with appropriate staff on processes and procedures for community garden(s). Not Started
21 Refine Processes and Procedures Ongoing Not Started F6 
532 Complete work on a citywide policy manual (excluding human resources and departmental policy manuals). Not Started
533 Develop, in coordination with other staff, templates for commonly used documents, i.e., agreements, ordinances, resolutions, etc. Not Started
22 Develop and Implement More Robust Electronic Outreach Ongoing Not Started
626 Establish regular schedule for E-Blast Not Started
627 Expand use of social media to include twitter and other outlets. Not Started
628 Ensure that all electronic outreach is available in both English and Spanish. Not Started
City Manager's Office (2023-24)
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