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Public Works (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
35 Zero Sanitary Sewer Overflows Throughout City Ongoing Not Started
541 Replace broken sanitary sewer collections piping Not Started
544 Create preventative maintenance standard operating procedure checklists for our collections crew Not Started
546 Improve the northside pump station Not Started
577 Create public awareness program to teach people what is good and bad to put in our collections system. Not Started
578 Identify and mitigate bacterial sources within City to below State standards at City storm drain outfalls. Not Started
638 Develop Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (both collection system and treatment facility) to guide short and long-term wastewater planning and project development. Update regularly (5-year cycle). Not Started
36 Provide Resilient Water Supply and Distribution to Residents Ongoing Not Started
547 Design and build a replacement Dam on Big Creek. Not Started
548 Execute flushing of all City distribution piping Not Started
549 Install resilient HDPE transmission main through City as seismic proof backbone of the Citys water system Not Started
550 Install master meter for underbay crossing Not Started
551 Inspect underbay crossing Not Started
552 Construct redundant underbay crossing Not Started
553 Remodel SE 40th St pump station for generator enclosure Not Started
567 Implement tank cleaning program where every City water storage tank gets cleaned and inspected annually. Not Started
568 Integration of all major distribution system appurtenances onto SCADA monitoring Not Started
569 Maintain raw water pipeline access for entire pipeline. Not Started
639 Develop water system master plan and update on regular cycle (5-year) to guide short- and long-term planning and project development for the Citys water system. Not Started
37 Increase Public Works Operations Employment Ongoing Not Started
554 Develop an effective plan to attract future employees. Not Started
555 Review divisions of public works for areas overburdened with high overtime hours and expand public work force due to the aging system needing more and more maintenance. Not Started
566 Create crossover training program for utility workers to be able to assist other divisions when others are short staffed or in case of emergency. Not Started
38 Improve Public Works - Shops Workplace Environment Ongoing Not Started
556 Create teambuilding plan for crews to learn to depend on each other and work together as a team. Not Started
557 Implement debriefing meetings with senior utility workers on a weekly basis to address in-progress incident status, review of work done, personnel deployment strategies, etc, and effectively manage incident response and maintenance quality and timeliness Not Started
558 Create new hire training process for specific in-house services and specific work that is required per each division. (e.g. equipment use, maintenance, cleaning, work place etiquette) Not Started
559 Implement a conflict resolution process where decisions can be made in a collaborative manner. Not Started
560 Create safety and collaborative work incentive program Not Started
561 Create Culture of Wellness Incentive Program. This will increase heathy habits and improve employees personal and private lives. Not Started
41 Engineering Department Efficiency Ongoing Not Started
572 Publish City of Newport Engineering Design and Construction Guidelines and Standards Not Started
573 Develop a program for recording and updating City GIS System with all City Improvements, whether they are by public works staff, private ROW permitted work, Capital projects, or developers. All work shall be documented recorded and archived with reference links to our GIS database Not Started
574 Create digital interdepartmental document tracking system. We need to expedite processing documents through different departments without getting held up or lost in the process. Not Started
575 Centralize and digitalize all Public Works documents. We have archives at the WWTP, WTP, City Shops and Engineering Department. We have digitalized documents in the Engineering Department but need to compile all available resources. Not Started
576 Process easements for all City utilities crossing private property. Not Started
640 Match staffing levels to workload. (Replace vacant positions and determine right size of department to provide City with needed Engineering/Project/Contract Management. Not Started
641 Define roles of Engineering and Public Works to maximize efficiency and coordination of tasks. Not Started
642 Define City responsibility and baseline levels of infrastructure and support education relating to best practices of public works infrastructure. Not Started
43 City Facility Resiliency Ongoing Not Started
579 Seismic resiliency of all City buildings Not Started
580 Facility services integration into the CMMS program Not Started
643 Establish and maintain an overall master planning approach to infrastructure systems (water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, roads) and maintain current (5-years or newer) plans to guide the Citys capital improvement processes. Not Started
Public Works (2023-24)
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