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Emergency Management (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
16 Move the City forward toward greater preparedness and resiliency. Ongoing In Process 2021-22: Due to budget cuts, the City had to pause on disaster preparedness. We need to reaffirm this priority by hiring a new coordinator and move forward with plans to develop and strengthen plans and procedures within the City to better prepare and respond to disasters. 2022-23: Staff training requirements have been surveyed, and many staff have taken needed training. As new staff are hired on, they are informed of the training requirements. COOP planning is on hold as the State is switching to a new COOP provider. We will resume when new system is in place. AAR from Cascadia Rising is in progress. 2023-24: We continue to work on a few remaining action items from the Cascadia rising 2022 exercise. We participated in the great shakeout and completed an evacuation drill for all city facilities. We placed a Conex Container in Agate Beach on Shell World Place and are currently filling it with supplies. E5 
702 Continue implementation of After-Action Report recommendations from June 2022 Cascadia Rising Exercise. In Process
703 Plan and implement 2-3 exercises for City staff. Participate in annual Great Shakeout. Completed
704 Finalize location and place community disaster cache in the Agate Beach area. Completed
19 Update all emergency plans as required Ongoing In Process 2023-24: We have begun to update the City EOP. Chapters have been assigned for departments to review. Our goal is to have a plan update to Council for approval by the end of 2024. We have completed work on the Community Wildfire Protection Plan and the mass care and sheltering plan. We have begun work on the mass evacuation plan. This is a County wide plan that is being coordinated by a contractor. E5 
705 Complete City Emergency Operations Plan update and submit to Council for approval by February 2024. In Process
706 Continue City participation in Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan workgroup. In Process
707 Keep updated other relevant emergency plans such as Community Wildfire Protection Plan, mass care and sheltering plan, & mass evacuation plan, etc. In Process
20 Continue Emergency Preparedness and Outreach Programs Ongoing In Process 2023-24: We have participated in a number of of community educational events, including events focused on the Spanish and Mam speaking communities. These have been well attended and very successful. We completed a hotel/motel Tsunami Evacuation Ordinance which included outreach and providing maps. E5 
708 Provide public education for hazard risk mitigation on an ongoing basis. In Process
709 Continue outreach to non-English speaking populations. Continue to work with community groups such as OSU Extension to provide emergency preparedness information. In Process
710 Provide evacuation maps and other resources to the business community to help them prepare for emergencies. In Process