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Committee Goals

Planning Commission (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
3 Lay the groundwork for a set of regulations and incentives to pair with the Transportation System Plan update that will facilitate revitalization of the US 101 / 20 corridors, including the City Center area. 2-5 Years In Process 2020-21: Includes rework of zoning along the US 101/US 20 corridors to complement desired street improvements identified in the TSP. May include provisions to support additional density and mixed-use live work arrangements. Incentives to include development of an urban renewal funded building facade improvement program. Concept vetted with ODOT/DLCD staff, who indicated that project would be a good fit for TGM grant funding. Pre-app held in March but grant application was not filed due to pandemic related delays to the TSP update.2021-22: TGM grant application submitted 7/21, and City was informed that it received funding in 10/21. Scope of work is being developed with ODOT/DLCD TGM staff. Consultant to be under contract Feb/Mar 2022.2022-23: Consultant RFP prepared and issued. Process administered by ODOT. Responder proposals reviewed, scored, and preferred consultant team selected 11/30/22. Negotiating contract.2023-24: Consultants expected to be under contract by March of 2023, with business outreach and advisory committee work extending into early to mid part of FY 23/24. Outcomes from the revitalization plan should be known, if not fully adopted, by the end of the fiscal year. A3 A4 A5 A6 F4 
473 Conduct business outreach and market analysis. In Process
474 Recruit advisory committee. In Process
475 Develop an adoption ready set of plan/code amendments and a framework for a business facade improvement program. Not Started
5 Initiate updates to Newport commercial / industrial buildable lands inventory. 2-5 Years Not Started 2020-21: Work on this project has not started and will likely not be started until the City completes the Transportation System Plan update (committed) and housing needs and buildable lands update (state mandated). 2021-22: Work on this element will follow the housing needs assessment and production strategy work.2022-23: Work has not started. State grant funds likely to be available once housing work is complete. A1 A4 C3 
104 Initiate updates to Newport commercial / industrial buildable lands inventory. Not Started
660 Coordinate with DLCD to define project scope and secure planning grant for effort. Not Started
6 Update off-street parking requirements in line with Parking Study or related recommendations adopted by the City Council. 2-5 Years Not Started 2020-21: Funding for installing meters along the Bayfront was deferred for a year due to the pandemic. Meter implementation will be a significant part of the Committees initial work. Committee recruitment has been delayed pending resolution of the funding issue. City capacity to adequately staff the committee is also a factor. Most objectives to carry forward, with meter installation targeted for spring/summer 2022 if funded.2021-22: City is recruiting volunteers to fill out the Parking Advisory Committee that will assist with this work. Applications are due by 11/30/21. Council will conduct interviews, possibly as early as 12/6/21. Committee to start work in January.2022-23:  Advisory Committee has been recruited. RFP issued mid-November and closed January 12th. Committee reviewed five proposals and is scheduling interviews with the two finalists. New target for implementation is 6/1/23. Draft ordinance changes are being developed.2023-24: Implementation of a demand management solution along the Bayfront should be complete towards the end of FY 22/23. Conversation in FY 23/24 will turn to Nye Beach and parking permit and other "non-meter" options for managing parking in the neighborhood. A14 C1 C8 
105 Update off-street parking requirements in line with Parking Study or related recommendations adopted by the City Council. Not Started
9 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Taskforce that rely upon revisions to City land use regulations. Ongoing In Process 2020-21: Adopted ordinance allowing car camping by homeless persons (Ord. #2170). 2021-22: Housing Needs and Buildable Lands Study, mandated by HB 2003, will inform the City of the type and nature of housing needs of homeless individuals. Portion of Affordable Housing CET Funds could be used for supportive grants to non-profit organizations providing homeless services. Commission could explore adoption of transitional housing standards.2022-23: City is updating its land use related camping regulations that apply to private property to provide additional options for RV and tent camping by homeless individuals. Commission recommended revisions at its 1/23/23 meeting. Additional work likely regarding land use processes for transitional housing and low barrier shelters. 2023-24: Anticipate need to further refine regulations to address outcomes from HB 4123 committee work and 2023 Oregon legislative session. A2 
108 Implement recommendations from the Homelessness Taskforce that rely upon revisions to the City land use regulations. In Process
42 Implement Recommendations from US 101 Corridor Refinement Plan 2-5 Years In Process 2021-22: Final draft of the plan completed in 11/21. An initial draft of code revisions implementing the Committees recommendations will be presented to the Commission at a work session in January. Commission to provide Council with a recommendation to initiate the island annexation process. That could occur as early as 12/13/21.2022-23: Council adopted zone change and code audit recommendations with Ordinance #2196, 11-7-22. Work on urban renewal projects is ongoing. Island annexation to proceed in spring.2023-24: Continue to position remaining urban renewal projects so that funding can be committed by the end of 2025. Island annexation process to extend into FY 23/24. A3 A14 
266 Pursue annexation of unincorporated "island properties" to normalize the city limits, if found to be feasible. In Process
43 Initiate any Needed Refinements to Historic Nye Beach Design Review Overlay Ongoing Not Started 2021-22: Placeholder for future project at the request of the Commission. Nye Neighbors were recognized by the City Council as a Neighborhood Association with Resolution No. 3928 on 8/2/21. The group is looking into funding options so that they can undertake a grassroots, neighborhood scale, visioning effort. Nothing has progressed to the point where there would be a need to update the citys land use regulations. 2022-23: No action taken. Targeted refinements to the Nye Beach Design Review Overlay to be coordinated with Nye Neighbors. A6 F4 
353 Examine the feasibility of a neighborhood visioning process for Nye Beach as part of a review of any needed updates to the Design Review Overlay. Not Started
268 Initiate refinements to the Historic Nye Beach Design Review Overlay, as needed. Not Started
45 Update the citys Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Standards for Private Development 2-5 Years Not Started 2023-24: Preliminary concepts to be discussed FY 22/23, with active work in FY 23/24. Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan policy recommendations may tie into this work. B1 B5 
478 Identify stormwater management options that include boilerplate systems for small scale development projects. Not Started
479 Develop standards that can reasonably be implemented at existing staffing levels. Not Started
46 Support City Council Dark Sky Lighting Initiatives 2-5 Years Not Started 2023-24: Project to be initiated once City council puts in place plan for retrofitting street lights and lights at city facilities. B6 
481 Initiate project after City Council puts in place a plan for retrofitting street lights and lights at city facilities. Not Started
488 Develop outdoor lighting standards for new commercial and residential construction that conform to dark sky requirements. Not Started
489 Prepare informational materials to inform the public about the Citys requirements and where dark sky compliant fixtures can be purchased. Not Started
47 Update Commercial/Multi-Family Code to Include More Bike Racks and Covered Bike Storage Ongoing Not Started A11 A15 
490 Identify best practices and provide Commission with options. Not Started
496 Coordinate changes with Parking Advisory Committee. Not Started
497 Prepare adoption ready set of amendments for Council consideration. Not Started
49 Implement Housing Production Strategy Recommendations 2-5 Years Not Started An HB2003 Complaint Housing Production Strategy will be completed at the end of FY 22/23, outlining steps the City needs to take to facilitate construction of needed housing. This will require implementation, and may necessitate changes to land use codes. A2 A6 A7 
661 Assess and resource priority strategies, as it relates to the Planning Commissions responsibilities. Not Started