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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Vision 2040

Preserving and Enjoying Our Environment ( 2023-24)

B1 (3)
Sewer and Stormwater Management
Maintain, upgrade, and modernize stormwater and sewer infrastructure to reduce overflows, keep our waterways and beaches clean, and minimize flooding in a manner that is both fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly.
B2 (5)
Integrated Shared-Use Trail System
Develop an integrated trail system, accommodating multiple uses, that connects neighborhoods, visitor destinations, open spaces, and natural areas.
B3 (21)
Parks and Recreation Needs and Upgrades
Engage the community in identifying priorities and future needs related to open space, trail, and park and recreation assets. Make recommendations for future park upgrades, planning, and development, paying particular attention to funding maintenance.
B4 (2)
Trail-Building Program
Establish a City trail-building program that provides opportunities for volunteer involvement.
B5 (1)
Green Building and Development
Promote and incentivize environmentally responsible, resource-efficient building and development techniques, including onsite stormwater management, permeable pavement, energy-efficient buildings, ecological landscaping, and native plantings.
B6 (8)
Environmental Conservation Partnerships
Prioritize conservation of significant open spaces and natural resource areas, including beaches and headlands, midcoast watersheds, the Yaquina Bay Estuary, rivers, streams, forests, and fish and wildlife habitat. Partner with local environmental organiz
B7 (0)
Comprehensive Recycling and Reduced Waste
Target the greater Newport area to achieve the highest rate of recycling of any city in Oregon through source reduction, reuse, recycling, composting of food waste, and curbside glass recycling.
B8 (0)
Renewable Energy
Increase the use of renewable energy to achieve energy independence in the Greater Newport Area, harnessing a combination of renewable energy sources and technologies.
B9 (1)
Climate Action Plan
Develop a comprehensive public-private climate action plan to lessen the greater Newport area's contribution to climate change, as well as to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the community itself.