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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Committee Goals

Public Arts Committee (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Continue Efforts Toward Making Newport an Arts and Cultural Destination Ongoing In Process A1 D12 
646 Work with the Discover Newport Committee, and Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce to collaborate on promoting arts opportunities, in the City of Newport, through their marketing efforts and funds, and determine organizations interested in promoting public art. In Process
647 Work with local companies to determine their interest in hosting arts in the City of Newport, such as via the Mural program, or potential Rotating Arts Sculpture Program. Completed
648 Revise art marketing materials such as brochures for the City/Finish creation of a public art website/social media site. In Process
649 Work with the South Beach Urban Renewal Agency to create public art and wayfinding. In Process
650 Develop a maintenance policy, program, and schedule for public art. Completed