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Strategic Goals & Objectives

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Committee Goals

Police Advisory Committee (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Enhance Community Relations Current FY In Process E6 
449 Complete, analyze, develop and recommend an action plan from the results of the 2021 Newport Community Police Survey. Completed
450 Hold a public meeting to solicit public input regarding police services, conduct and programs. In Process
451 Review the resident complaint process protocols, and provide recommendations to build trust, transparency and responsiveness. Completed
452 Staff a booth at community event such as County Fair and/or National Night Out. Completed
453 Create a Police Advisory Committee brochure. Completed
2 Committee Education Current FY In Process E6 
455 Promote public awareness of the Citys police services and programs, including, but not limited to business and residential crime prevention programs, safety, training and domestic violence intervention. In Process
457 Review Officer Orientation and yearly supplemental training. Completed
3 Analyze police response to Lincoln County Schools Current FY In Process E6 
458 Review police activity at LCSD schools. Completed
459 Review available resource and alternative to police response to schools. In Process
460 Review school district/police and community programming. In Process
4 Review Police response to mental health crisis Current FY In Process E4 E6 
461 Review police response to mental health crises in schools and in the community. In Process