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Airport (2023-24)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
16 Air service Development for Rural Air service for Newport. Ongoing In Process 2023-24: Air service Survey was sent out by EDALC. Airport Director provided presentation to YBEF members on air service. 2024-25: EDALC is tabulating the results of the air service survey.
662 City Administration held several meetings with the Port of Newport, Lincoln County, and Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County to discuss air services challenges. The biggest hurdle to get over is putting long term funding in place. Without a long-term funding plan in place to help subsidize service rural air careers will not be successful for the long term. In Process
17 Explore building more hangars. Ongoing In Process 2023-24: Airport will be using FAA BIL funding to build 10 new T-hangars. 2024-25: Waiting for grant agreement from FAA using AIP BIL funding for design phase of T-hangars.
667 Currently one space is left to lease on the airport for land lease. This area is south of the T-hangars and is ready to take another T-hangar development. City Administration has been in talks with a private developer, but does not have a commercial land lease for inside the fence. Administration is working on developing a land lease for commercial developers wanting to build commercial hangars in the future. Airport staff is working with engineers for best lay out of hangars on the north end. More Hangars will bring more revenue for airfield and tax income for Lincoln County. In Process
18 Marketing Ongoing Completed 2023-24: Presentation was provided to Airport Committee by Public Affairs Counsel. Committee did not want to proceed.
668 Developing a marketing plan for the airfield. One item is determining what is the best way to market the airport and what at the airport will bring us the best return on our investment. A few areas that may help make the airport more marketable for commercial business development are: identifying areas for septic tanks, have a report for building fire requirements, airfield wide WIFI, a trial system from airport to South Beach, and a solar feasibility study for airport. Completed
19 Maintenance Ongoing In Process 2023-24: Airport staff is working diligently to maintain air field with FAA Grant assurances.
669 Keep the airfield in line with FAA grant assurances. This will help grow the airfield while providing a standard of safety for airport users. In Process
20 Leasing Land Outside Airport Ongoing Completed 2023-24: Development is at a stand still.
670 We have been successful in leasing land out side the fence for business development. There are still 4 areas that can be leased. Using provide numbers from Commercial Associates in Corvallis, those additional 4 areas could lease for up to $9,100.89 per month. In addition, with the current land lease of $6,856 would bring a potential $15,956.89 monthly revenue for the airport, not included yearly 2.5% escalation. Completed