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Committee Goals

Airport (2022-23)
Goal# Goal Title Goal Type Goal Progress Goal Text Status Updates V2040 Strategies Objectives  
1 Continue Airport Improvements Ongoing In Process C4 
99 Begin discussions with the Oregon National Guard regarding the relocation of its Newport facility to the airport. Not Started
97 Determine the cost of building hangars, and develop a fact sheet with cost estimates by identifying what the city can do to assist hangar builders. Not Started
93 Create a list of objectives that would reduce the overhead cost for air service Not Started
98 Identify locations for future parking lots Not Started
300 Complete the Small Community Air Service Development Program application In Process
301 Assist the Community Development Department in outreach to properties adjacent to the airport for discussions on sewer services Not Started
302 Develop a map that identifies future sites for fire hydrants and illustrates 8-inch waterlines on the airport property to encourage industrial development at the airport In Process
303 Research locations for additional signage at the airport In Process
2 Increase Use of Renewable Energy Ongoing In Process 2020-21: Started looking into this in 2015. At the time the FAA was not allowing solar farms at airfields because of glare. City was not successful for solar feasibility study. A1 C4 
100 Research the possibility of a solar farm located at the airport. In Process